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Saifilter Filtration Technologies is an international leader in the development and delivery of high-performance, innovative materials and solutions for filtration and separation.

We also specialize in the design and manufacture of high-quality metal filter elements, filter media, and filtration systems for various industries. Engineers and technicians with many years of experience designing customized solutions for automotive, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries and high temperature or corrosive fluid purification, OEM foundry. Our highly skilled team of workers will eventually turn the solution into a high-quality product.

Saifilter has a complete R&D, design, manufacturing, and certification quality assessment in one location, so we can reduce development time and continually optimize. In some areas, the name of Saifilter has become a total integration supplier with many years of experience. For example, in the petrochemical industry, we offer a complete high-temperature dedusting system filtration solution.

For our filtration systems in high pressure, high temperature, and high dust environments, high-quality materials and high levels of processing are the most important prerequisites. Where hygiene requirements are very stringent, our products have the highest surface quality and the most rigorous design.

In some areas, we compete with manufacturers of non-metallic filters, and our stainless steel products win through their high levels of processing, re-use after cleaning, and long life. Our products effectively help our customers reduce waste emissions and maintain continuous production compared to disposable filters.

Our Achievements

Till Now, We Have Approved As Follow Professional Certification For International Business

SAIFILTER Hastelloy-C276 Powder Sheet QA
SAIFILTER SS316L Powder Sheet QA


Our commitment to excellence is evident in our SGS-certified products, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. Trust us for quality assurance at every turn.

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Business Philosophy

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality and long life filtration solutions through which optimum filtration results can be achieved. In order to achieve these goals, we strive to understand the filtration process of our customers. With our many years of experience in many industrial applications, we will develop efficient and economical filtration systems while ensuring higher product quality for traditional processes.

Since we don't need to hand over our production processes to third parties, we can effectively control the quality of the entire process. High flexibility and high quality requirements run through all processes from design to production to inspection.

In order to demonstrate the quality requirements, we have introduced a quality management system since 2008. We will continue to improve, meet new requirements and be certified to the latest standards. Our latest certificate is effective from 2018, which is a visual indicator of the quality awareness of all our

Flexible Production Range

From mini filter elements with a diameter of less than 20 mm to filter elements with a diameter of 1.5 m, flat or folded, blade, disc-shaped, conical, cylindrical or according to the shape you require, all currently using metal filter media on the market We can manufacture filters. Through various processing methods and different shapes and sizes, it is possible to adjust the flow of the raw material liquid and the discharge of the filtrate and the filter cake, while adjusting the flow rate to achieve optimum filtration performance and quality.

Through our high level of technology and modern processing machines, we are able to guarantee flexibility and meet the requirements of our customers with the best solutions. For filters tailored to customer requirements, we process parts and molds ourselves.

Filter element media such as sintered metal fiber felt, sintered wire laminate or sintered powder metal are all vacuum-sintered by our own equipment. Multi-layer filter media specially designed for your process will be designed and completed by us. It can be flat or folded. With the different filter sizes and types available to us, combined with our experience in different industries, we are able to design and finalize solutions for our customers in a timely manner.


As a company that builds business from scratch, we are always looking for the ideal partner to grow and develop together, and we are still passionate about filtering. Our continued success is based on dedication to superior technology and superior customer service, and all delivered filtration projects are managed by a team of experienced project managers, engineers and quality inspectors.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers, based on transparent business values, trust, and value for money through first-rate performance. Saifilter is your professional partner in filtering.

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