Flame Arresters Element

Flame arresters Element manufactured by Saifilter are also known as Sintered Metal Flame Arrestor. It is made of durable and heat-resistant materials to ensure longevity and effectively prevent the spread of flames and explosions.

The flame arrester elements are cylindrical in shape and can be easily installed and assembled into different types of equipment. Due to its compact size, it can be easily integrated into existing systems. Sintered Flame Arrester Element effectively prevents backfire or flame spread, providing a reliable barrier to protect equipment and personnel from potential fires and explosions.

SAIFILTER flame arrestor element
SAIFILTER Flame arresters

Saifilter provides customized Flame arresters for different customer needs that meet their specific requirements.This porous void structure creates a matrix of uniform openings that are carefully constructed to extinguish the flame by absorbing its heat. This provides a fire-extinguishing barrier to the igniting vapor mixture.

SAIFILTER Sintered Metal Flame Arrestor

Saifilter Sintered Metal Flame Arrestor



                      Saifilter Sintered Flame Arrester

SAIFILTER Sintered Flame Arrestor Element

High Quality Flow Restrictors

SAIFILTER Porous Metal Flame Arrestors

Sintered Flame Arrestor Element

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent flame-arresting properties due to tortuous path within the sintered porous materials.
  • Optimum flow of gases. The controlled pore size and uniform density ensures an even flow of gas to the sensor device, and gives excellent pressure restriction.
  • Superior mechanical strength including excellent joint strength and seal integrity.
  • Media maintains integrity at high temperatures and is non Shedding.
  • Sintered metal media provides cost effective solutions for high volume devices, especially for applications that require the prevention of a flame front in the event that an intense explosion occurs.
  • Porous sintered metal media can also be mesh type

Mesh media can be easily combined with hardware to create unique components.

Sintered Metal Flame Arrestor Manufacturer

Sintered Stainless Steel Flame Arresters


Flame Arrestor Element Function

Micron Rating:
20, 40 and 100 are typically used. Tighter grades are also Available.


Materials of Manufacture:

  • Sintered metal materials are made of uniform,
  • Interconnected pores can be made to allow
  • Precise gas flow control without medium shedding.

Sintered Metal Flame Arrestors Comply with the ATEX Directive and the associated International Standards Organisation (ISO) testing guidelines:

• ISO 4003 Æ Determination of Bubble Point Pore Size in Porous Sintered Metal
• ISO 4022 Æ Determination of Permeability
• ISO 2738 Æ Determination of Density in Porous Materials
•Declaration of Conformity per ISO/IEC 17050-2:2004

Process and Analytical Gas Applications:

  • Ventilation of explosion-proof enclosures
  • Pressure equalization of combustible gas pressure regulator
  • Handling of flammable sample gasses for analyzers and monitors
  • Welding fixture anti-backfire
  • Prevent gas stack and tank vent fires
  • Suppresses the spread of fire or explosion in piping systems and process piping
  • Marine Engines and Engine Backfire Flame Suppressors
  • Oxygen service special handling available

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A Flame Arrester Element is a safety device designed to prevent the propagation of flames and explosions in industrial settings. It works by extinguishing flames and dissipating heat, protecting equipment and personnel from potential hazards.

Flame Arrester Elements find applications in various industries, including chemical processing, petroleum refining, and storage of flammable liquids and gases. They are essential in locations where fire and explosion risks exist.

Flame Arrester Elements consist of a porous metal or other flame-resistant material. They allow the passage of gases or vapors while disrupting the flame front, preventing it from spreading. The element cools and extinguishes the flame through heat dissipation.

Flame Arrester Elements are crucial for safety because they protect against catastrophic events like fires and explosions. By stopping flames from advancing into flammable or explosive environments, they safeguard equipment, infrastructure, and personnel.

Yes, regular maintenance is essential to ensure the continued effectiveness of Flame Arrester Elements. Inspection, cleaning, and replacement of damaged elements should be performed according to manufacturer recommendations and industry standards to maintain safety levels.


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