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Manufacturer of Replacement Filter Elements and Housings

Fluid Engineering has a broad portfolio of solutions to meet your filtration needs. In addition to the standard products we offer, most of our filters are custom designed to suit every unique application. Tailor-made products for your precise needs, these products will be unparalleled in the market. Meet and exceed all quality and manufacturing expectations.

Here you will find out more about our features and visit our product selection guide.

Saifilter professional focus high quality filter manufacturer provide you with the best filtration application solutions and cost control

Filtration System Solution

Saifilter filter system is the complete solution, including the filter housing, associated filter components and optional control technology and piping.

We offer a wide range of sizes and styles of filtration solutions to choose from. As a filtration expert, we are committed to technological innovation and customer satisfaction.these filters are ideal for applications requiring low maintenance and uninterrupted process flow.

automatic backwash filter system
sintered metal filter

Metallic and Cleanable Filters

Saifilter manufactures a wide range of metals and washable different alloy filter elements for use in many industrial and process applications. Ideal for liquid and gas applications under the toughest temperatures, pressures and corrosive conditions.

Our Current Product Range Includes

Filtration Media and Materials

Saifilter manufactures a wide range of porous metal and polymer materials to provide the best filtration solution for a wide range of applications. These materials can be purchased and used in OEM products, and can be integrated and used in the final product.

Our Core Materials Are

Filtration Media and Materials

Create A New Product

                       A new product needs new solutions. We' ll work with you to create one made just for you.

Customize a Product

If you have an existing product, we' ll customize asolution to work with it. Start collaborating now.


We are experts in filtering all liquids! At the heart of our philosophy: all of our filters are developed and manufactured by us. Therefore, we ensure that they always meet our own high quality standards.We value our relationship with managers, business partners and colleagues. Open, honest and strongers.positive relationships make you an important part of filtering your solution.

Pre-sale Service

Are you using a filter from Saifilter?
If you send us the required model (on the filter nameplate) and the spare part description, we will be happy to provide you with the contact information, please click here.

ji shu (1)
Consulting and Optimization

Are you interested in optimizing your current filter system to make it more efficient?
 We will be happy to help you analyze the design together to provide a customized solution.

he zhuo
Local Support

Do you need to maintain support for the filtration system?
Do you need on-site boot support for the Safilter filter? no problem! We will be happy to provide you with a service agreement.

What Our Clients Say?

Testimonials -Like any company, we are always happy to hear that our services are appreciated. Here are some ofthe comments that our clients have made.

Marco Giunta

Utok CEO and Founder of Ukraine

We are a refining company. In the past 3 years, I have purchased 15 filtration equipment from Saifilter, including some sintered metal filter elements, they all work very well. Saifilter's after-sales staff helped me take care of them, let me Increased productivity and cost control. Great!

Tova Kantrowit

USA Chemical Operations Manager

In the past year, I am very pleased to work with Saifilter to complete multiple projects and deliver high quality filtration products on time and within budget, improving our plant safety by significantly reducing the manual intervention required by many other technologies. Reduce operator exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Bruce Tink

British Supplier

"I work with a number of factories and Saifilter's filtration products are of great quality. Their staff is also highly qualified and can continue to communicate with me and my team. Email, phone, even at night. I am very happy to work with them. After all, my customers are very picky. They are very satisfied with the equipment quality and service of Saifilter."

Yes, we are a professional filter equipment manufacturer

We have a professional design team to provide drawings, we are waiting for your confirmation and production

Yes, we have ISO/CE certificate and patent certificate

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