Aerospace Filters

What is aerospace filter? The Aerospace filter is a type of filter system that is used in the aerospace industry. It can maintain a specific level of cleanliness of the fluid necessary for the operation of the aerospace equipment. Saifilter filter supplier provides quality aerospace filters to protect important subsystems in aircraft, helicopters, military vehicles, missiles, and spacecraft and is used in fuel management, power generation, and environmental control processes. Depending on the requirements, the filter can be used for fuel and hydraulic system filtration of the engine, as well as for handling liquid or gaseous fuel in mobile power supply equipment. All components must withstand constant alternating ambient pressures and large accelerations. Our metal filters are suitable for the following applications:

Primary and secondary flight control

Filters hydraulic oil for manipulating the mechanism that controls the direction of the aircraft during flight, landing and takeoff conditions.

Fuel management

Used for fuel control and fuel pump metering, as well as a range of fuel system stratified filter assemblies.

Power generation

Used for auxiliary power and ground power units as well as generators and starter generators.

Air inlet

Used to filter large quantities of particles in highly polluted environments.

Environmental control

Air supply, thermal control and cabin boost.

Avionics and auxiliary cooling

Remove particles from the coolant system, such as power electronics, cargo compartment air conditioning and kitchen coolant systems.

Our products provide effective filtration in aircraft and military equipment, ensuring that all systems are free of contaminants and ensuring safety under the most demanding conditions, long life, reliability and cost-effective Operation is essential. filter levels, run parameters, dimensions and styles by working closely with customers.

From initial conceptual design to manufacturing and validation to service support, our team of experienced professional engineers is dedicated to developing the best filtration solutions.

Each of our filter cartridges or filtration systems is fully qualified to meet the specified requirements, all of which are documented as a recognition of the quality of our work.

Yes, we have ISO certificate and patent certificate.


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