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Saifilter industrial filter manufacturers can design, manufacture, and market all wedge wire screens for industrial applications. The basic structure is the welding or annular plate made of stainless steel or other alloys. The wedge wire is welded on the supported proximate matter by metal wire resistance with a V-shaped surface. The distance between the surface grooves is accurately controlled to allow the formed filter liquor to flow through the V-shaped grooves and ensure the accurate size of the tracks reserves the desired particles. The wedge wire screen panels will enable the filter liquor to pour evenly and at low speed across the screen surface, almost eliminating screen clogging. This innovative design enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the Filter Element in various industrial applications.

By using a lower through-tank velocity, the solid particle with a given size will not be sucked into your technological process or clog the outer surface of the inlet screen. Almost unlimited amounts of cleanability can be provided by backwashing. The filter cakes and filtered particles are removed by reverse flow. The wedge wire filter is ideal for separating solid from liquid, medium reservation, filtration, screening, dehydration, collecting, and distribution. This makes wedge wire screens the best water treatment and processing applications.

The specifications of the wedge wire screen panels

  • Material: SS AISI 430,201,202,304,304L,316,316L
  • Surface profile type: triangle line
  • Supporting sectional materials: round rod, rectangular rod, wedge-shaped line, triangle line
  • Groove gap:0.02 mm-10 mm
  • The width of the panel:500mm-2000mm
  • The length of the panel:500mm-3000mm
wedge wire screen suppliers

Saifilter provides different kinds of wedge wire screen filters. According to the other flow direction of the filter liquor, the wedge wire can be made by reserve twining or a conventional outer surface. According to your requirement, the wedge elements can form a screen nozzle, complete lateral drainage system, resin trap screen, etc., to meet various applications. We custom-make these products according to your specifications and offer a relatively low-cost, high-performance solution for screening applications. We are your ideal wedge wire screen suppliers.

Suitable for cylinders from 7/11" (40mm) to 60" (1524mm) with groove sizes starting from 0.02mm. It can be made into various stainless steel, ELC grades, and Alloys 400, C-276, and CB-20.

Screen Nozzle
Wedge screen nozzle

Wedge Screen Nozzle

Screen nozzles are economical, clog-free, and suitable for use as a collector or distributor. We can offer tapered and threaded connections that can be directly screwed into the nozzle plate. Or we can use parallel thread to make a wedge-shaped wire nozzle secured to the nozzle plate by a locking nut. Whether the joint baseboard or rubber sheet lining baseboard is used, a suitable solution for fixing the wedge wire nozzle will be offered.

It is usually used in water treatment processes such as ion exchange. Many wedge wire filter elements are uniformly fixed on the round nozzle plate at the bottom of the container. The screen nozzle will retain resin medium and uniformly collect and distribute the technological process.

The size of the screen nozzle, space, and quantity are crucial for guaranteeing high efficiency and low-pressure drop. The screen nozzle slot size is usually 0.2 mm in the ion exchange process. The circular design is very suitable for high-pressure applications and can completely replace the non-metal screen nozzle of the existing installation.

Screen Lateral Systems

The lateral system is well-designed and produced according to your specified design conditions, including the inner diameter of the container, volume, flow, the allowed pressure drop through the screen, the resin/medium to be reserved, and the minimum opening area to be listed. Also, it can provide a uniform collection and distribution technology process.

The screen size is crucial to ensure there is no rein medium transfer. The screen side (based on screen or screen + drill pipeline) is dismountable and can be designed to a flange connection and screwed nipple. Connect or weld the standard NPT threads, fabricate flanges, and ANSI into one assembly to connect to the distributor and drainage head.

All standard pipelines can offer lateral collectors for header pipe lateral or hub-lateral components. We provide comprehensive engineering assistance on the design and development of the new system and the improvement and replacement of the existing devices.

  • Hub Laterals
    • Used in sand filtration, activated carbon columns and demineralized vessels up to eight feet in diameter
    • It is often designed in a multi-tier pattern and angled to conform to the vessel head configuration.
  • Header-Laterals
    • Designed as collectors and distributors in larger vessels
    • Units are custom-designed for either side or central vessel configuration and can accommodate threaded nozzle or pad connections.
lateral drainage system
Lateral Collector
Resin Trap Screen
wedge wire basket

Resin Trap Screen/Wedge Wire Basket Strainer

The resolution of Saifilter's wedge wire filter can offer different series of resin trap styles to adapt to all kinds of applications. The resin trap screen is designed to be placed in the shell to remove the expensive resin/medium losses while protecting your pumping devices by using a flow capture medium and preventing it from traveling downstream.

According to your conditions, wedge wire filters can use a combination of different profile line sizes and rabbets. The engineers will consider the entrapment, fluid viscosity, proportion, corrosion rate, and pressure drop to manufacture the suitable capture filter for your applications.

If your applications are considered to be extremely harsh, we will provide the engineering design required to ensure that the wedge wire basket deformation or collapse is not a problem. The additional supports and the atypical wire combinations will be provided to ensure optimal results.

Reverse flow, backwash, gauges, drain connections, and sight glasses can all be economically incorporated. Resin trap strainers conform to industry standard dimensions and are used in the water and process treatment industries.

Wedge Wire Filter Applications

  • Carbon retention
  • Filter support cores
  • Catalyst retention
  • Flow distribution
  • Center pipes
  • Intake screens
  • Collectors
  • Outlet baskets
  • De-watering
  • Reactor screens
  • Distributors
  • Resin traps
  • Filter elements
  • Trap filters
  • Filter leaf chambers
  • Underdrains

A wedge wire filter is a highly efficient and durable filtration device characterized by its unique wedge-shaped wires that are welded to form a robust structure. This design allows for precise filtration, making it ideal for various applications in industries like water treatment, food and beverage processing, and chemical processing. Its non-clogging nature and resistance to corrosion and high temperatures make it a versatile and long-lasting solution for separating particles and fluids.

To make a wedge wire screen, wedge-shaped wires are precisely positioned and welded at each intersection to a series of support rods. This assembly process creates a sturdy and non-clogging screen with uniform slots, which is crucial for effective filtration. The screens can be customized in shape, size, and slot width to suit various industrial applications. High-quality materials like stainless steel ensure durability, corrosion, and wear resistance.

You can customize your Wedge Wire Filter Elements. You have the following sizes to choose from. 

  • Supporting sectional materials: round rod, rectangular rod, wedge-shaped line, triangle line
  • Groove gap:0.02 mm-10 mm
  • The width of the panel:500mm-2000mm
  • The length of the panel:500mm-3000mm

Wedge Wire Filter Elements are highly effective due to their precise filtration and minimal clogging. Their robust construction, often in stainless steel, offers excellent resistance to corrosion and wear, making them suitable for harsh conditions. Their design facilitates easy cleaning and consistent performance, and they can be customized for specific industrial applications.

Cleaning and maintaining these filter elements typically involves backwashing, where fluids are reversed through the filter to remove trapped particles. For deeper cleaning, compatible chemical agents may be used. Regular inspection is crucial to ensure effectiveness and longevity, especially in demanding environments. Proper maintenance extends filter life and ensures optimal performance.


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