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Saifilter manufactures Filter Leaf Elements with different structural shapes, including Rectangular and Round Filter Leaves. As a renowned Filter Element producer, we ensure high quality in every product. Specialized in the design and production of wet and dry filter cake discharge. Suitable for almost all brands and models of pressure leaf filters on the market.

Saifilter Filter Leaf usually consists of 5 or 3 layers of metal braided mesh, installed in vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters, and is the core filter element of the equipment. Filter Leafs can be customized in different sizes and shapes and riveted or bolted according to specific equipment application requirements.

Spare Parts of Pressure Leaf Filter


Saifilter's filter leaves are composed of five layers of stainless steel wire mesh and can be selected from a variety of edging methods, including riveting, welding, bolting, or a combination of the above. Flexible filter layer configuration, with high filtration precision, can significantly improve the productivity and filtration efficiency of the system.

Saifilter filter leaves are the core component of every pressure leaf filter. Replacing old or damaged filter leaves with new or re-cleaned filter leaves will improve the performance of the entire filtration system.

SAIFILTER leaf-filter-element-construction
SAIFILTER filter leaf


Saifilter Pressure Filter Leaves are manufactured from standard 316L stainless steel, whose mechanical properties provide excellent resistance to stress, corrosion, temperature fluctuations, and extreme pressure changes.

For particularly challenging applications, we offer other alloy material options. The manufacturing of Saifilter filter leaf involves design, technology, and assembly processes to minimize downtime and extend the service life of the filter leaf.

Structure Type

Filters leaves are available in different types according to their specific application requirements and functions. The structure and design of the Saifilter filter leaf depend on the specific liquid media it needs to filter. Key considerations include the nature of what is being filtered and whether residues, contaminants, or particulates need to be preserved, stored, or reused. These key questions are critical in determining the type of filter leaf elements required and the design of filter leaves.

Vertical Filter Leaf

Vertical Filter Leaf Designed specifically for use in Vertical containers, the filter leaf allows the filter cake to be quickly released and drained by gravity. Maintaining a constant flow rate throughout the filtration cycle is critical to maintaining filter cake formation.

SAIFILTER filters leaf

The vertical filter leaf, which is rectangular and has a bottom drain, is one of the most common structures.

SAIFILTER rectangular filter leaves

Bottom open end Filter Leaves are designed to fit the container curvature, allowing for more complete drainage of filtrate.

Center hub Outlet Horizontal Filters Leaf

Centerhub Outlet Horizontal Filters Leaf is used to allow intermittent flow. During periods of low or zero flow, the filter cake is held by gravity. Use powerful water jets to flush the filter cake off the rotating blades.

SAIFILTER leaf disc filter

The shape is round with a hole in the center of the filter. Drainage hole through center distributor. To collect and direct traffic more evenly.

SAIFILTER leaf disc filter

Multi-layer heavy-duty wire mesh construction remains rigid and flat during operation.

Saifilter Standard Filter Leaf Mesh Specification

Saifilter Filter Leaves filter media consists of woven mesh with different mesh layer configurations. Select the corresponding mesh layer structure according to different filtration process requirements. The circular blades used for horizontal containers and the rectangular blades used for vertical containers are made of metal edging. The metal screen is placed inside the Leaf Disc Filter as a support layer, and the Fine Filter Mesh medium is placed inside the filter leaf.

SAIFILTER leaf filters
plain weave 60 mesh

60 Mesh

  • Plain weave filter screen
  • Wire diameter: 0.19mm
  • Aperture: 240 micron
  • Available materials: 316L, 310S, 904L stainless steel
plain Dutch weave PDW 24-110

24 x 110 Dutch Weave

  • Plain weave filter screen
  • Wire shute diameter warp: 0.35mm, 0.25mm
  • Aperture: 125 micron
  • Available materials: 316L, 310S, 904L stainless steel
reversed plain Dutch weave PZ80

PZ80 (Reversed Plain Dutch Weave)

  • Dutch weave filter screen
  • Wire shute diameter warp: 0.35mm, 0.25mm
  • Aperture:90 micron
  • Available materials: 316L, 310S, 904L stainless steel

Mesh Specification

ConstructionMeshWire Thickness (mm)Aperture (mm)
1 Ply of drainage meshPlain Weave, 4 x 41.64750
2 Ply of support meshPlain Weave, 8 x 80.72470
2 Ply filter meshPlain Weave, 60×600.1880~200
2 Ply filter meshPlain Dutch Weave, 24×1100.36 x 0.2680~200
2 Ply filter meshReverse Dutch Weave, PZ800.2 x 0.480~200

SAIFILTER Specification of Rectangular Filter Leaf Element

ModelHeight (mm)Width (mm)Filter Area (m2)

Vertical Filter Leaf

Specification of Leaf Disc Filter Element

ModelOD (mm)Filter area (m2)

SAIFILTER Filter Leaves


  • Excellent pre-coating performance: Saifilter filter leaves have efficient and uniform filter cake accumulation capabilities.
  • Five Layers of Stainless Steel Mesh: Each filter leaf is constructed from five layers of stainless steel mesh, ensuring durability and a long service life.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Longer replacement intervals, thus reducing maintenance costs.
  • Custom Design: Filters leaf can be custom-produced in various sizes and shapes to be compatible with different types of filter containers.
  • Compatibility with Process Liquids and Solids: Designed to withstand temperatures and be compatible with a wide range of process liquids and solids.
  • Suitable for different pressure leaf filters: These filters are compatible with vertical and horizontal filter systems.
  • Filter leaf can be refurbished or replaced repeatedly: It can be economically rescreened when worn or damaged.
SAIFILTER Filter Leaves Structure Type

Round filter leaves standard 5- layer mesh configuration structure 

SAIFILTER leaf disc filters

Round filter leaves installed in horizontal pressure leaf filter


  • Edible oil processing (crude oil, bleached oil, winterized oil)
  • Gelatin processing
  • Pectin processing
  • Glucose, sweetener, sugar, juice production
  • Biodiesel production (pretreatment and polishing)
  • Liquid sulfur filtration
  • Chemicals and Oleochemicals
  • Organic and inorganic salts, amines, resins and APIs


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A Filter Leaf is a specialized filter element typically made up of several layers of metal braided mesh, designed for efficient filtration in pressure leaf filters.

While our Filter Leafs are designed to be compatible with most brands and models on the market, it's recommended to check specifics before purchasing.

While Filter Leafs are predominantly used for liquid filtration, certain designs can be effective for gas filtration as well. Always specify your requirements when inquiring.

Filter Leafs, with their layered metal braided mesh, offer superior accuracy and consistency, often outperforming traditional filtration methods in specific applications.

The lifespan of a Filter Leaf varies based on usage and the type of substances filtered. Regular inspections will help determine when a replacement is due. Typically, with proper maintenance, a Filter Leaf can last for several years.


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