Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator

Saifilter Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator is called Fiber Bed Filter or candle filter mist eliminator. Its unique Filter Element design enhances its ability to capture fine particles. It is the best Fiber Bed Filter to remove 1-3 micron liquid aerosols in gases and gas streams, with a collection and removal efficiency of up to 99.9%. 

They are usually cylindrical elements. Gas streams and process gases eliminate contamination or hazard issues, collecting valuable materials even with heavy liquid loads. Saifilter's mist removal technology is widely used in emission reduction facilities in various industries.

Candle Filter Mist Eliminator Construction

Saifilter Candle Filter Mist Eliminator is composed of compressed glass fiber wool filled between two concentric cage meshes, or parallel flat screen meshes with a height of 610mm to 6100mm. Depending on the process environment, Saifilter Fiber Bed Candle Filters can provide customers with personalized design and manufacturing. Their inner and outer screens (or cages) are made of alloys, thermoformed plastics, or glass fiber-reinforced plastics. The materials used in the compressed fiber bed are unique glass fiber cotton containing fluoro silicone oil, polypropylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, or polyester fiber. Structural screen/cage components and flanges can also be made from any weldable metal, plastic, or glass-reinforced resin.

SAIFILTER Fibre Bed Filter element

 Stainless steel alloy screen mesh cage 

SAIFILTER candle filter mist eliminator

Glass fiber reinforced plastic cage

The cylinder cage mesh comprises two kinds of screens divided into the outer and inner screens. The Fiber Glass Mist Eliminator material forms a fiber bed between the inner and outer cylindrical screens. The operating parameters of Saifilter Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators, such as pressure drop, collection efficiency, and gas flow rate, depend on the fiber diameter, fiber material, and packing density. Plates and flanges are attached to the ends to support multiple installation and drainage methods.

Candle Filter Mist Eliminator Processes

All Saifilter Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators' mist collection methods are similar. The gas containing mist droplets is guided horizontally through the fiber bed, and the mist droplets accumulate on each fiber in the fiber bed and gradually form a liquid film. These liquid films are then passed through the fiber bed by airflow, and the clean gas is discharged from the other side. Gravity removes The liquid from the downstream side of the fiber bed. Typically, Saifilter Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators are installed in containers or tanks whose bottoms allow continuous drainage of the collected liquid.

SAIFILTER Fiber Mist eliminator filter
SAIFILTER Elessent-Mist

When particles try to pass through Saifilter Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators, the fibers capture and retain them. In comparison, larger particles are collected by inertial impaction or fiber interception methods. Fiber Glass Mist Eliminator's high-efficiency results from Brownian gas motion and the influence of gas molecules on the smallest submicron particles. This collection mechanism is called Brownian diffusion. Over time, the collected liquid particles (or dissolved soluble solids) aggregate into droplets on the Fiber Glass Mist Eliminator’s fiber surface and are then expelled by gravity.

Fiber Bed Filterthe Difference Between Low-Speed Type And High-Speed Type

Low-speed Fiber Bed Filters are high-efficiency Fiber Bed Candles Filters based on Brownian diffusion and collection. They are characterized by low airspeed, between 0.08 and 0.2m/s, and are used to capture mist particles that are less than 1 micron on average. , the collection efficiency is between 94% and 99.7%; for mist particles larger than 3 microns, the collection efficiency is 100%.

SAIFILTER fiber bed mist eliminator element
SAIFILTER Fiber glass mist eliminators element

This Candle Filter Mist Eliminator form has a thick, tight fiber bed, thin fibers, and resistance between 490 ~1960 Pa. The size of the opposition is related to the fiber-filling density of the candle filter mist eliminator, the selected airspeed, and the defogging efficiency required by the user. The number of defogging elements must be increased if the user needs higher defogging efficiency and lower resistance.

The high-speed Fiber Bed Filter is a Saifilter Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator that captures mist particles by inertial collision and interception. It is characterized by high air speed, between 2.0 and 2.5m/s, and charges 1 to 3 microns of mist. For particles, the collection efficiency is about 97%, and the resistance is between 1470~2450Pa.

Standard Fibre Bed Mist Eliminator Specification Sheet

ModelSize (mm)Technical Performance
ODIDHFlowm3/h)Pressure Loss Rangemm/H2O)Operate Temperature(℃)Velocity Rangem/s)Efficiency (%)
CWQ-M47040020001000-120060-150<700.14-0.25Particle Size >3μm 98%
CWQ-A-R46035020001000-120060-200<850.14-0.25Particle Size >3μm 100%
CWQ-M-R47036020001000-120060-200<850.14-0.25Particle Size >3μm 100%
CWQ-M-R47036020001000-120060-200<700.14-0.25Particle Size >3μm 100%
CWQ-R48035020001000-220060-200<850.14-0.25Particle Size >3μm 100%
CWQ-R*48038025001200-150080-300<850.14-0.25Particle Size >3μm 100%
48038030001500-18001-3μm 90%-95%
48038035001800-24000.75-1μm 70-90%
CWQ-R6075084000800050-200<850.16-0.25Particle Size >3μm 100%
CQ-R*57047035003000100-300<850.14-0.25Particle Size>3μm 100%
CW-R*60750836003500100-350<850.1-0.35Particle Size>3μm 100%
Particle Size<3μm 99%
CW-R6075081000-20002000-800050-350<850.1-2.5Particle Size>3μm 100%
CW-R6205081000-20003000-1000050-380<850.1-2.5Particle Size>3μm 100%
R * is an efficient candle filter mist eliminator, and the Pressure Loss Range can be adjusted according to user requirements. Special custom size diameter from (216 mm to 610+mm), lengths up to (7315 mm)

Saifilter Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator Installation Type

Hanging-style Saifilter Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator - Also known as Forward Flow, hangs from a tube sheet or vessel divider. This configuration is straightforward to install and maintain. In this design, contaminated gases enter the outside of the element, while clean gases exit the central core.

SAIFILTER candle filter fiber mist eliminator

Standing-style candle filter mist eliminator elements

SAIFILTER Fiber Bed Candle Filter

Hanging-style candle filter mist eliminator elements 

Standing-style Saifilter Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator - Also known as Reverse Flow, mounted vertically on a tube sheet or vessel divider. This configuration allows the use of more extended elements and reduces the size of the container. In this design, contaminated gases enter the central core of the component, while clean gases exit from the outside.

Saifilter Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator Replacement

Saifilter designs and manufactures Replacement Fiber Bed Candle Filter Elements for various processing applications to reduce and eliminate liquid mist and aerosol emissions. These systems are available using standard Fiber Mist Eliminator elements configurations or can be custom-designed to fit your specific installation. Saifilter Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators element solution designed specifically for existing equipment can replace waste filtration systems.

SAIFILTER Fiber Bed Candle Filters element

Existing Fiber Bed Filters from any manufacturer can be replaced with Saifilter's Fiber Bed Filters to improve performance and extend the life of the Fiber Bed Filter. Saifilter's sales and technical teams have extensive experience working with existing installations, which enables them to provide you with the exact solution. All Saifilter Fiber Bed Filters are manufactured in our factory to the highest quality control and manufacturing standards. After assembly, each Saifilter Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator element must be individually tested for pressure drop, aerosol removal efficiency, and flow distribution.

Detail Display Of Candle Filter Mist Eliminator

Not only in fiber components, we strive for excellence, but also in other components, we strive for perfection. All metal components are made of anti-corrosion materials such as 316L, and sealing washers are made of specially made VITON materials. Maximizing the service life of the fiber defoamer.

SAIFILTER Fiber Mist Eliminator

Special tools are used to lock the outer cage bones.

SAIFILTER candle filter mist eliminator element

Support reinforced ring ribs in the center cage

SAIFILTER Fiber Mist Eliminator element

Assembled Fiber Mist Eliminator element

SAIFILTER Fibre Bed Filter

Ready for shipment in standard packaging Fiber Mist Eliminator element


  • Low total operating cost of ownership
  • Custom-designed filters for new or existing systems
  • Simplify maintenance
  • Available in standard and custom design configurations
  • Filter life up to 10 years
  • High-quality control and fast delivery
  • Helps eliminate visible chimney plumes
  • Meet today's stricter air pollution regulations


  • Air Pollution Control: Removal of small and submicron particles with the most significant tendency to cause opacity and plume persistence in stack gases. Saifilter mist eliminator systems effectively remove these particles, eliminating visible and harmful air pollution. 
  • Reduced Maintenance: Remove harmful mists that can cause downstream corrosion, plugging, or fouling. 
  • Longer Service Life: Saifilter mist eliminators offer superior service life.  Whether for sulfuric acid plants, chlorine plants, engineered package systems, or other industrial processes, Saifilter mist eliminators have a solid history of robust and sturdy mechanical construction, whatever the service environment.
  • Improved Product Purity: Removal of contaminating mists and soluble solids at collection efficiencies of nearly 100 percent. The particle size gets smaller (below three microns and in the sub-micron ranges).
    Reduced Material Loss: Reduced material losses can partially offset or even completely pay for the system.
  • Safer Operation: Removal of dangerous mists that create potential fires or explosions in process gas streams and compressed air systems.
  • Improved Process Design and Operation: Removal of submicron mists in a process gas stream can eliminate the need for more costly construction materials for downstream equipment and permit more efficient operating conditions that increase product yield.


  • Mist eliminator process application
  • Gas-liquid separator
  • Distillation equipment
  • Process absorbers, settlers, and scrubbers
  • Chemical separators and extractors
  • Oil and Gas Processing Equipment Gas
  • Scrubber gas-liquid separator
  • and receiver
  • Refining tower liquid
  • liquid coalescer
  • pollution control equipment
  • Two-phase eliminator compressor
  • Liquid entrainment of equipment
  • product return system

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A Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator is a filtration device designed to remove fine liquid droplets or mist from gas streams. It consists of a densely packed bed of glass or synthetic fibers. As the gas stream passes through this fiber bed, the mist particles are intercepted, coalesce on the fiber surfaces, and then drain away due to gravity, effectively removing them from the gas stream.

These mist eliminators are ideal for applications where high-efficiency removal of fine mist or particulate matter is necessary. Common applications include gas purification in chemical and petrochemical industries, controlling emissions from industrial processes, and air handling systems where moisture removal is critical.

Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators are highly efficient, often capable of removing up to 99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Their efficiency depends on factors such as the fiber material, density, and the velocity of the gas stream.

Maintenance typically involves periodic inspection and cleaning to ensure optimal performance. The frequency of cleaning depends on the application and the amount of particulate matter in the gas stream. Some models are designed for easy disassembly and cleaning, while others may require more specialized maintenance procedures.

Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators generally offer higher efficiency in capturing very fine mist particles compared to other types like mesh pad or vane-type eliminators. They are particularly effective in applications where the mist contains smaller or more difficult to capture particles. However, they may have higher pressure drop and can be more prone to clogging, which necessitates regular maintenance.


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