Filtration System Solution

EL Series -Industrial Water Filter

EL series filters cover a small area and save precious installation space. Dirty water enters the inside of the filter screen from the bottom inlet of the filter, and then flows through the filter screen to the outlet of the filter.

EL series filter is a vertical self-cleaning filter used in harsh environment. With vertical flange configuration, it can be easily installed and integrated with any straight pipe.

EL series industrial water filter features that the filter unit can be installed in parallel to handle larger flow. During the self-cleaning process of the filter, the system flows continuously, and the pressure difference switch continuously monitors the pressure difference inside and outside the filter.

These automatic filters provide solutions for a variety of industrial, irrigation and municipal applications.

automatic cleaning filter

Screen Options

                                           Sintered Mesh on Perforated Metal Plate

  • Degree of Filtration Options (Micron): 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 120, 150, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000.
  • Material: Standard 316L stainless. Screen is fused to stainless steel perforated plate for maximum durability.
  • Particle Removal: 98-100% particle removal efficiency above the degree of filtration
  • Flow Capacity: Maximize flow per square inch of screen area with sintered mesh

                                                                  Wedge Wire

  • Degree of Filtration Options (Micron): 25, 50, 75, 100, 120, 150, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000.
  • Material: Standard 316L stainless.
  • Particle Removal: 98-100% particle removal efficiency above the degree of filtration. Great for removal of fibrous material including pulp and paper fibers, fibrous algae, fruit fiber in juice processing, etc.
  • Bursting Pressure: Robust construction ideal for high pressure environments

How to Size and Select Self Cleaning Water Filter

STEP#1- Determine Desired Micron Filtration Level

  • City Water > 5 micron
  • Ground/Well Water > 25 micronSeawater >40 micron
  • Cooling Tower Process water> 50 micron
  • Lake/Pond Water > 75 micron
  • River/Produced/Waste Water > 150 micron
  • Typically you will use 1/3 of the micron rating of the downstream equipment

STEP#3- Identify Desired Filter Configuration

  • Screen options wedge net/porous metal sheet sintering Net
  • Working pressure 10 bar / 16 bar / 25 bar
  • Heavy-duty models offer higher flows

STEP#2-Determine Contamination Level of Current Water Source (ppm)

  • Clean: 0 to 25 PPM
  • Moderate: 26 to 70 PPM
  • Dirty: 71 to 100 PPM

STEP#4-Select Filter Model From Table

  • Identify model with equal or higher amount of square inches of screen
  • Verify that model selected has a maximum flow higher than required total flow

Housing Part Number Format

EL series self-cleaning filter model

Screen Part Number Format

EL series self-cleaning filter element

Self-cleaning filter selection configuration

EL series filter technical parameters

Install notice

  • One check valve must be installed at filter outlet. Return pressure and back water is forbidden, in case of screen out of shape.
  • If system wok pressure over 0.8MPa, should install break valve at drain pipe to reduce impact to screen.
  • Notice motor rotating direction. Shut off power immediately once back rotating (anti-clock wise ).
  • occurs. )
  • Installation each part according to arrow direction.
  • Sudden pressure relief at outlet pipe is forbidden. Take normal work pressure 1.3MPa for example, if suddenly open branch valve at outlet, it will occur instant huge different pressure, which damage screen.
  • Make sure filter used under correct work pressure, capacity.
  • If alarms, open by-passvalve for temporary back washing solutions.
  • Make sure control box have constant power supplv. If power off, users can open by-pass valve, close in and outlet valve and control box switch.

Installation View

EL Self-cleaning filter field application installation

We can choose the filtering system suitable to your practical needs according to your specific parameters If convenient, please send to me more detailed information as follows:

1.The name of the filter media?
2. Flow rate?
3. Liquid viscosity?
4. Filter rating?
5. Working pressure?
6. Working temperature?
7. Impurity content and nature(solid or soft)?
8. Connection size?
9. Housing material?
10. Do you need explosion protection?
11. Type of discharging valve? electric valve? or pneumatic ball valve?

Then I will offer you our best price ASAP.


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