From conception to final product delivery, Saifilter engineers will follow the guided service

      Idea           Design             Prototype            Analysis             Production              Optimization

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Based on your specific application and requirements, engineers will provide design guidance to determine the need to optimize your new ideas to determine your fluid filtration product. Will help you refine your requirements and recommend the next step to ensure your innovation is successful


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From complete product design consulting to simple specification review, our team provides expertise and experience across a wide range of applications. Therefore, we can help you identify key characteristics such as filter media selection, porosity, shape and flow rate. It is this insight that delivers the performance you need.


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Engineers can assist in the design of functional prototypes that can be used within a few days. You can also easily design prototypes that are converted to long-term solutions based on your needs.




Through our state-of-the-art laboratories, our technical experts provide a comprehensive product and performance analysis package. And provide detailed analysis data and reports


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Our team can quickly convert prototypes and prepare for high volume production. Since our engineers have been with you from the design stage, the conversion process is stress free and smooth.


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By using innovative testing techniques, we can assess how your product works at different stages of its life cycle. Therefore, we can ensure the long-term stability of your project and provide any necessary changes to the optimization.


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