Industrial Filter Strainer Baskets

Saifilter manufactures all kinds of stainless steel filters strainer baskets, perorated baskets, and different alloy strainer baskets. These products have high-quality permanence property in your industrial applications and can be used to replace the existing and discontinued OEM products. They are usually installed in the pipe-line filters and generally have two universal classes: single-barrel and double-barrel. The single-barrel filter has a basket that needs to be closed for cleaning or maintenance. The double-barrel filter has two or more industrial baskets, and this design is to keep the normal operation of the system through the flow transfer from one basket to another one during the maintenance time. The basket filter strainer of normal design can filter the particles of 25-1000 microns or larger. These particles can cause serious damage to pumps, valves, and other major components.

The strainer baskets, so to speak, are the most important filter elements in your whole filer system, because they are the key defenses against pollutants and unneeded solid particles. Also, it is one of the most components of keeping the filter system clean. As time goes on, continuous use can reduce the normal operating capacity of stainless steel filters strainers, and the air-logged pump strainer basket can bring a risk to the whole filter system. Regular maintenance and cleaning and replacement of the broken strainer baskets can save a lot of money.


Filter Strainer Baskets Media

Basket Media

Filter Strainer Basket Bottom Types

Stainless steel filter blue

The strainer baskets can be customized for any size or configuration structure, and the important design parameters are usually flow, pressure drop, and the particle sizes. When it comes to the aperture and mesh size, your needed baskets will depend on the specific application. When selecting the aperture size, the larger the flow, the larger the aperture. The liquid medium is allowed to pass through, and at the same time, the wanted removal particle is intercepted.

Water strainer basket usually has smaller mesh, and the more the mesh, the smaller the mesh size. It is best for filtering smaller particle from the liquid medium. The available choices of filter basket sizes are 1/4",3/16",1/16",9/64", with a variety of stainless steel wire meshes from 10-550, and combination to meet your different applications.

Stainless Steel Strainer Basket Filter

Saifilter is committed to meeting your individual needs, and we will work harder. And our team also emphasizes customer service orientation to ensure that all these requirements are met. Our products experts are glad to offer you the quotation and help you to purchase the proper strainer baskets for your system.

Order Strainer Baskets methods-please specify below

  • Strainer types-cone, basket or sheet pipe size pressure grade
  • Sheet types-carbon steel, 304, 316L stainless steel or customization
  • Aperture
  • Size of mesh opening- specify the flow direction if needed


  • Filtration for discharge water and process water
  • Filtration for cooling liquid or cutting oil
  • Lubricating oil filtration
  • Filtration for oil paint, resin, and solvent
  • Bulk chemical filtration
  • Filtration for components cleaning system
  • Adhesive filtration
Strainer Baskets Application scenario filter levels, run parameters, dimensions and styles by working closely with customers.

From initial conceptual design to manufacturing and validation to service support, our team of experienced professional engineers is dedicated to developing the best filtration solutions.

Each of our filter cartridges or filtration systems is fully qualified to meet the specified requirements, all of which are documented as a recognition of the quality of our work.

Yes, we have ISO certificate and patent certificate.


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