Electrostatic Air Filter | Metal Panel Demister Filter

Saifilter Electrostatic Air Filter is also called Mesh Grease Filters or Washable filters. The Filter Medium is a knitted mesh interlocked with metal monofilaments. The media is enclosed in a galvanized steel or stainless steel frame. This Demister Filter is installed with fixed mesh on both sides, made from the same durable materials. Metal Panel Filter is installed on both sides with galvanized steel or stainless steel fixed mesh. Mesh Grease Filters are reusable, and the regeneration process involves high-pressure jet cleaning using compressed air or water-containing detergent. High free volume (97% to 99+% void content) and uniform wire mesh density distribution. Captures smaller diameter droplets more efficiently.

SAIFILTER Mesh Grease Filters
SAIFILTER extractor fan mesh filter

Because the filter layer adopts a multi-layer superimposed structure, it forms an efficient filter barrier. Air Filter Panel Metal can capture liquid droplets and solid particles in gas liquids while allowing clean air particles to move through the Filter Material. And maintain a low initial pressure drop. Depending on application requirements, additional handles can be added to the metal plate to facilitate removal and cleaning. Drainage holes can also be added to the bottom of the frame to drain grease from the Extractor Fan Mesh Filter into the grease trap.

Technical Data

Maximum Operating Temperature: 220℃

Maximum Recommended Face Velocity: 2.5m/s

Standard Filter Depths/Thickness: 46mm, 21mm, 12mm

SAIFILTER extractor fan mesh filters

Enhanced Metal Frame Degree Filter

SAIFILTER Mesh Grease Filter

Extractor Fan Mesh Filter


  • Low-pressure drop, non-flammable, regenerable
  • Durable in harsh conditions
  • Reusable, cost-effective
  • Easy maintenance, cleanable
  • Customizable sizes
  • Lightweight, compact, easy installation
  • Cleanable with air/fluid
  • Fire-resistant reduced fire risk
  • Galvanized/stainless steel wire options
  • Standard galvanized steel frame
  • Optional aluminum frame
  • Integrated handle, grease drain
  • Heavy-duty filtration available


SAIFILTER metal panel Demister filters

Size of Metal Panel Demister Filter

TypeSize ( mm )Rated Airflow ( m3/h )Initial Pressure Drop ( Pa )Average Arrestance ( >5um )
NOTE:21mm thick knitting mesh with three layers and one layer of stainless steel fine mesh, 25mm thick knitting mesh with four layers and one layer of stainless steel fine mesh, 46mm thick knitting mesh with seven layers and one layer of stainless steel fine mesh

SAIFILTER stainless steel Mesh Grease Filters
SAIFILTER metal panel Demister filter

Standard Knitted Mesh Type

  • Stainless steel: Galvanised carbon steel,201, 202, 304, 304L, 316, 316L
  • Wire Diameter: 0.1mm - 0.23mm

TypeWire diameter (mm)Specific Surface Area (m2/m3)Bulk Density (kg/m3)Voidage
SPFlat Wire0.1x 0.44751680.9788
Round Wire0.233201680.9788
DPFlat Wire0.1x 0.36261860.9765
Round Wire0.194841860.9765
HRFlat Wire0.1x 0.43131340.9875
Round Wire0.232171340.9875
HPRound Wire0.08 - 0.224031280.9839


DP- type knitted mesh


HP/HR - type knitted mesh



SAIFILTER stainless steel extractor fan mesh filters

DP- type Extractor Fan Mesh Filter

SAIFILTER stainless steel Mesh Grease Filter

DP- type Metal Frame Grease Filter

Advantage of Electrostatic Air Filter

  • Cost Efficiency: These filters serve throughout the device's lifespan, acting as a "permanent filter."
  • Saves Time and Effort: Eliminates the frequent need to locate and buy specific-sized filters every three months.
  • Operational Effectiveness: Feature MERV ratings of 5 or 6, indicating a moderate level of efficiency in air purification.
  • Enhanced Air Quality: Outperform pleated filters in improving the airflow and purity within your system.


  • Absorbers
  • Distillation and Rectification Columns
  • Distillation Plants for Sea Water
  • Gas Compression
  • Strippers
  • Suitable for general kitchens
  • Steam Drums
  • Distillation
  • Catalytic Cracking
  • Alkylation
  • Compressors
  • Condensers

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A Metal Panel Demister Filter is used in industrial processes to remove liquid droplets from gas streams. It typically comprises a mesh or pad made from metal wires or fibers. As the gas passes through this mesh, the liquid droplets collide with the metal, merge, and fall away, thus purifying the gas stream.

They offer high efficiency in separating liquid from gas, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Their design allows for minimal pressure drop across the filter, maintaining the efficiency of the system in which they are installed.

Installation involves placing the filter in the appropriate position within the system, considering factors like size and orientation. Maintenance typically includes regular inspection, cleaning, and replacement of components as needed to ensure optimal performance.

Environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and the presence of corrosive elements can impact the filter's efficiency. Materials and design can be adapted to withstand these conditions and maintain performance.

Key considerations include the type of gas and liquid being separated, the operating conditions (like temperature and pressure), the desired efficiency, and the specific environmental conditions of the industrial process. These factors determine the material, design, and size of the filter needed


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