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Saifiter offers a full range of polymer filter products, including framed filter discs, single-layer and point-welded filter discs, polymer leaf discs, metal powder filter packs, mesh-laminated sintered filter elements, and metal non-woven fiber felt sintered filter elements. Various structural shapes such as cylindrical, pleated, or leaf-like are provided for your selection based on specific application requirements. Additionally, Saifiter also specializes in high-quality Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges, ensuring optimal filtration performance in diverse industrial processes.

During the production of synthetic fibers, films, plastics, and other polymer melt materials, polymeric filters efficiently remove gel contaminants from high molecular weight polymers, enhancing product quality, increasing production efficiency, and reducing manufacturing costs.

Polymer Filter 013
Polymer Filter 009

Framed Filter Disc

Framed polymer filter disc has a multi-layer mesh structure, each layer has a different mesh size-layer through different meshes to obtain ideal filtration efficiency. Plea structure can provide more filtration area.

We offer various configurations and micron grades based on your specific requirements. We can manufacture it in any shape, choose different frame alloy materials, and seamlessly integrate it into your system.

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Polymer Filter 004

Technical Details And Services

  • Size range: 5mm diameter to 450mm, also supports special size customization.
  • Multi-layer configuration: Designed and manufactured according to micron size and flow requirements.
  • Multiple shape options: Standard round, rectangular, and other special shapes can be customized. Optional frame alloy material.
  • Spot weld pack available: Provide single-layer or multi-layer mesh combination spot welding.
  • Different filter media options: Metal woven mesh and non-woven fiber felt are available as standard.

Single Layer And Point Welded Filter Disc

The Continuous Polymer Filter also offers single-layer and spot-welded mesh discs. Reply on our extensive experience and knowledge, we assist you in selecting the appropriate filtering media and structure for your application. Specifically designed for the smooth flow of polymers, ensuring polymer is squeezed out of the system smoothly and efficiently.

The melt polymer system with high pressure and high flow can also enhance the overall structural stability of the melt polymer filter through the spot welding component manufacturing process. These polymer film filters are designed for easy cleaning, simplifying the maintenance process and saving you time and money.

Polymer Filter 014
Polymer Filter 016

Polymer Leaf Disc

Polymer leaf disc is manufactured by sintering and laminating multiple layers of metal media. At its center is a hard hub structural bore, designed for critical hot melt polymer filtration applications. Polymer film filter achieves greater gel control by providing a smoother flow and retains more gel on the polymer melt filter leaf disc.

By combining different filter media configurations, Saifilter's polymer leaf disc can ensure lower pressure drop while achieving a longer online life. Its unique construction allows it to be cleaned multiple times, reducing the life cycle costs of polymer filtration systems.

Polymer Filter 012
Polymer Filter 005

Technical Details And Services

  • Material: The standard configuration is SS316L or other alloys.
  • Standard sizes: 6", 7", 10", 12".
  • Micron rating: 3-80 microns available.
  • Working temperature: It can withstand continuous high-temperature environments up to 310°C.
  • Viscosity: It can meet the filtration requirements of high-viscosity liquids up to 260 Pa.s.
  • Working pressure: Maintain stable filtration performance at a working pressure of up to 317 bar, and the maximum working pressure difference can reach 100 bar.

Polymer Candle Filter

The polymer candle filter is suitable for the industrial polymer melt industry and is available in cylindrical and pleated designs, allowing for custom shell designs. There are two types of filter materials: sintered metal fiber and woven mesh. It is the first choice of melt polymer filter manufacturers.

Polymer candle filters are available in specifications from 3 to 100 microns, and they are typically equipped with an external shield of perforation plates designed to protect the medium and promote counterflow for effective cleaning.

Reduce the internal volume of all polymer filter elements to prevent stagnant flow areas within the candle design. A shunt built into the container ensures a uniform distribution of the polymer as it enters the housing.

Our high-strength, highly permeable stainless steel fiber media have a low initial pressure drop and a long operating life. This makes it the first choice for applications in industrial polymer melt filters.

Polymer Filter 011
Polymer Filter 001

Technical Details And Services

  • Structure: Pleated and cylindrical
  • Material: The standard configuration is SS316L or other alloys.
  • Micron rating: 3-100 microns available.
  • Standard sizes: 10", 20", 30", 40".
  • Working temperature: It can withstand continuous high-temperature environments up to 330°C.
  • Viscosity: It can meet the filtration requirements of high-viscosity liquids up to 260 Pa.s.
  • Working pressure: Maintain stable filtration performance at a working pressure of up to 317 bar, and the maximum working pressure difference can reach 100 bar

Metal Powder Filter Packs

Metal powder filter packs are composed of stainless steel alloy powder particles with specific crushing shapes. The metal sand in the long-fiber and short-fiber spinning components consists of two or three layers of different particle sizes and quantities. To determine the best combination of powder mesh numbers, it is necessary to consider the type of polymer, viscosity, purity, polymerization efficiency, melt temperature, and extrusion speed in the spinning process.

In high temperature and high-pressure environments, the good strength of iron ensures that the particles are not easily broken and minimizes the possibility of blockage of the spinneret holes. At the same time, adding alloying elements such as chromium, nickel, silicon, and manganese enhances the strength of the stainless steel particle size, maintains high porosity throughout the filtration process, and effectively slows down the growth of pressure differential.

Polymer Filter 007
Polymer Filter 008

Our metal powder filter packs sand have irregular shapes and porosity of up to 70-80%, achieving an extremely high surface area. It is very effective in shearing polymer microgels and in intercepting foreign bodies or impurities in polymer melts. This ensures the highest purity and quality of the polymer emitted from the spinning components.

When polymers are sheared through the powder filter media, heat is generated and accumulates locally. However, the excellent thermal conductivity of the metal sand ensures a high degree of uniformity in the temperature inside the spinning components.

Precise control of polymer temperature is crucial to prevent capillary breakage and uneven fiber dyeing. Metal powder filter packs sand exhibit strong resistance to chemical and temperature environments, offering an economical and efficient solution for filtering hot polymers.


Polymer Filter 006


Size MeshSize MicronApparent Density (g/cm3)Porosity ( % )
Polymer Filter 017
Polymer Filter 015

Polymer Filter Applications

  • Manufacture of PET packaging film, PEEK chip and film
  • Polyester bottle chip
  • Polyester fibre
  • Cellulose acetate fibre
  • Nylon 6 and 66 fibre

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A polymer filter is a filtration device made using polymer materials, designed to remove solid particles, impurities, or contaminants from liquids or gases. They are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and environmental protection.

Polymer filters offer advantages such as lightweight construction, corrosion resistance, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. These features make them suitable for various applications, particularly those requiring customized designs.

Polymer filters can be used in water treatment, food and beverage production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical industries, and more. They can filter out particles of different sizes and types, ranging from tiny bacteria to larger impurities.

Maintenance of polymer filters typically involves regular cleaning and replacement of filter media. Cleaning can be done through methods like flushing or chemical cleaning, depending on the filter's operating environment and the nature of filtered substances.

The working principle of polymer filters is similar to traditional filters. They block solid particles by utilizing pores or porous polymer materials, allowing liquids or gases to pass through in a cleaner state. Filter material and pore sizes can be adjusted to achieve varying levels of filtration efficiency based on application requirements.


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