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The Hot gas filter usually filters at an operating temperature higher than 260℃(500°F), and the traditional filter medium is not used anymore in such high temperature gas. The industrial pulse hot gas filter developed by Saifilter Company is mainly used to provide solutions in the fields of the utilization of waste heat utilization, from industrial high temperature flue gas and the purification and recovery of high-temperature gas. Because filter medium adopts composite metal fiber to directly purify the high temperature gas, remove the collected dust particles from the surface of the filter elements effectively, this process is usually carried out when the hot gas industrial dust collector is running online, it does not interrupt or interfere with the technological process except for very small pressure peaks (or "overpressures").

For hot gas filters, there are usually two cleaning methods for backflushing: pressurized backflushing and online venturi pulsed backflushing. For pressurized backflushing, the filter must be isolated from the filtration process. With Venturi pulse blowback, the filter can maintain a smooth flow without interrupting service.

hot gas filter
industrial dust collector

Hot Gas Filter Features and Benefits

Easy to clean. The difference from the ordinary bag filter is that the forced cooling, of the gas, is not necessary for the early stage. It solves the problems of other industrial filter elements that are easy to suffer from deformation due to not high temperature resistance or high temperature, the poor performance of the reverse blowing regeneration, the poor filtering capability, and efficiency, the difficulty of discharging the filter with adhesion, etc.

Small thermal deformation. Therefore, high temperature jet dust filter is the best choice for high temperature flue gas purification. There is no bending deformation at high temperature, and stable operation of the dust pelletizing system can be guaranteed.

Compact and space-saving design. The Saifilter industrial gas filters (Cluster) are installed vertically in the filter housing. This allows a compact and space-saving design and greatly simplifies the installation.

High temperature gas filtration is easy to be installed, maintained, and operated for high temperature jet industrial dust collector, and it is an efficient and economical solution for dust recycling. These vents of the high temperature gas filter can filter consecutively for a long time. Permanently temperature-resistant up to 450° C

The shell material is made of S304 And a variety of alloys to choose from, the unit structures of which are very solid, and it can bear heavy service, supporting flexibility in your application requirements. The High temperature gas filtration system's specifications and sizes can be customized according to the relational data that you supported.

Hot Gas Filtration Process

hot gas filtration process

Efficient Economy

Saifilter high temperature gas filter has super mature technology, such as on-line pulse blowback and sub-chamber blowback, especially suitable for high temperature industrial applications. According to the difference between dust and filter media, the clean gas that our hot gas filter can obtain is significantly lower than 5mg/Nm³.

Optimal design of filtration systems requires proper selection of face velocity to achieve long on-stream life operation and prevent particle intrusion into the media. A filter design, which exceeds the maximum face velocity, can lead to premature blinding of the filter element(s).

Gas filtration performance is enhanced when a surface or cake is formed providing additional long-term filtration. Optimal face velocities typically are in the range of 6-8 ft/min (3-4 cm/s) to ensure adequate cake removal during pulse blowback cleaning cycles.

The internal filtering elements of the hot gas filter can be selected according to your specific application. The optional standard filtering elements are sintered hot gas metal powder filter element, standard hot gas cleaning filter, hot gas sintered metal felt filter, strengthened hot gas cleaning filter. Made by a special sintered metal process, it has excellent wear resistance and high-temperature resistance. Combined with pulse technology, it can work continuously for a long time and reduce downtime.

In general, the service cycle of the filter element can reach 3 ~ 5 years, which is 4 ~ 6 times the service life of the bag filter. The Standard models can be used in the worst conditions, but if you require different materials, we will be pleased to cooperate with you to meet your needs.

gasifier filter
gasifier filter element

High Temperature Gas Filter Applications

  • Recycle the waste gas heat energy, improve the overall efficiency.
  • Separate the gaseous components through the combination of adsorption and catalytic processes.
  • Separation of ignitable dust
  • Waste incineration-hospitals chemical industry
  • Coal gasification
  • Pyrolysis
  • Calciners and kilns
  • Product recovery in process technologies
Industrial hot gas filtration system
high temperature gas filter
hot gas filtration system

We can choose the filtering system suitable to your practical needs according to your specific parameters If convenient, please send to me more detailed information as follows:

1.Syngas composition?
2.The estimated size of the particulate impurities in the synthesis gas.
3. Flow rate?
4. Working pressure?
5. Working temperature?
6. Impurity content and nature(solid or soft)?
7. Installation space and connection size?
8. Housing material?
9. Do you need explosion protection?
10. Type of discharging valve? electric valve? or pneumatic ball valve?

Then we will give a design solution as soon as possible.


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