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What is sintered metal fiber felt? Sintered Metal Fiber Felt is made from a randomly laid metal fiber medium. The mentioned non-woven stainless-steel metal fiber medium is pressed together. Then it is sintered at a certain temperature and gas through a vacuum sintering process and forms a uniform filtration medium with high porosity through sintering and bonding. It also can be glued to the supporting meshes of metal braided wires to improve strength and pliability. The process control determines the micron classes of the filtration medium.

The high-temperature resistant metal fiber felt is vacuum sintered from Fe-Cr-Al alloy fiber. Because the material has excellent high-temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, it is an ideal material for application in harsh environments. It is widely used in the fields of catalyst carrier materials, burners, and high-temperature hot gas dust removal.

FEFeCrAI fiber sintered felt
Sintered metal fiber felt

The multilayer metal fiber felt of graded aperture, formed by layers with different fiber diameters, can realize higher filtration accuracy than single-deck felt. At the same time, it can be pleated to increase the available filtration area, thus further increasing the dust capacity. The sintered metal fiber felt is a depth-based filtration medium, which can remove pollutants by capturing the particles in a filter medium structure.

stainless steel fiber felt
Fiber Metal Felt

Sintered Metal Fiber Features

Stainless steel felt is used in high-pressure filter elements in composite material applications. Compared with a metal woven mesh, sintered metal mesh, or metal fibers, sintered metal fiber felt usually has the following advantages:

Stainless steel felt is used in high-pressure filter elements in composite material applications. Compared with a metal woven mesh, sintered metal mesh, or metal fibers, it usually has the following advantages.

  • Very high porosity (up to 85%)

○ High flow rate: 20 times higher than other filter mediums

○ Lengthy life cycle

○ The size of sintered metal fiber can be scaled down (fewer filter surface is needed for the same volume filtration )

  • low-pressure drop: the high porosity of our sintered metal fiber filtration media can realize the very low-pressure drop (lower the energy cost), even though at a high filtration rate.
  • Easy to clean: the open structure of the stainless steel fiber porous media allows you to backflush or backpulse the regenerate applications without interrupting of technological process, thus providing the final technology economy by reducing the downtime to the minimum.
  • High strength: strong fiber bonding can be generated in the process of sintering, and a high-strength filtration medium can be guaranteed. Combined with the proper inner core, the filter elements made by sintered fiber felt can bear thermal shock, high pressure, and frequent backflushing.
  • Heat-resisting and corrosion resistance: our stainless steel fiber filter medium can be used in the applications of high temperature(up to 1000℃, depending on the alloy ) and/or causticity applications.
  • It can be used in surface or depth-type filtration: our
    sintered metal fiber filtration media can realize high efficiency through filter cake accumulation, also it can offer high dust capacity to depth particle capture (depth-type filtration)
  • It can offer stainless steel and other alloys: breakage-proof, chemical cleaning is allowed, can be welded, lower thermal expansion, and maintain the structure (without thermal shock).  According to your desired performance, we choose a suitable alloy to offer the needed resistance and strength. The available alloys include 316L stainless, chromium-nickel-iron alloys, Hartz and Monel, etc.
  • It used for air and gas can be under 0.1um(HEPA, ULPA)
stainless steel felt
stainless steel fiber felt

The size of the standard laminated boards is 1000×1200mm, which can be customized according to your requirements for different alloys and sizes.

Application areas

  • Filter powder and gather particles from the vacuum and compressed airlines.
  • Filter the polymers, such as polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, nylon
  • The air filter of automobiles, lubricant filter, gasbag aerator, recycling of chemicals, and catalyst
  • Hydraulic pressure and fuel
  • Burner: it is made of heat-resisting alloy, and sintered metal fiber is used as radiation material for burner application.
  • Refinery: high flow rates of continuous operation in refinery application
  • Mesh: the non-woven metal fiber is used for the separation system of liquid-liquid separation(coalescence and liquid-gas separation (demist) )
  • Nucleus ventilation
  • Food and drink-process steam filtration, hydrogenation reactor catalyst recycle, polish syrup, wine, and other liquids, remove the catalyst from spice elements and other food industries, the activated carbon extraction and color removal
  • Filtration of HEPA and ULPA

The metal fiber felt sheet material after high temperature sintering can obtain a very ideal pore structure and smooth surface, and it is easy to realize the peeling of the filter cake when using tools such as a scraper.

Metal felt has a certain degree of rigidity and can be folded repeatedly. It needs professional mechanical equipment to process and fold. The shape of the finished metal felt is similar to that of ordinary metal sheets.

 The metal felt is sold in units of area. The standard size is 1000mm×1000mm / 1000mm×500mm, and the thickness ranges from 0.3mm to 0.75mm. It can be manufactured according to any shape and size you customize.

This material can be accurately cut with tin scissors/scissors, or it can be cut into any size and shape with a laser.

Common cleaning methods include: high-pressure gas cleaning, high-pressure water gun flushing, calcination, pickling, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.

The minimum order quantity is 1m², and the price is usually calculated according to the micron grade of the metal felt. The micron-size ranges from 3μm to 80μm.

The thinnest sheet can be 0.32mm.

The length of steel fiber is 55 to 65mm and the diameter is 6 to 40 μm.


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