Temporary Strainer

Saifilter temporary strainer also known as temporary flat plate strainer (some temporary filters are conical in shape, much like witches' trade, so they are also called witches hat filters or witches hat style filters), a cone strainer made of perforated mesh or precision woven mesh, includes a range of options for filter materials such as perforated plates, composite sintered multi-layer screens, precision woven wire meshes, and more, including our high-quality Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges. It can effectively trap and intercept small particles or mechanical impurities, providing effective protection for expensive pumps or nozzles. Compared to conventional inline Y-type or basket filters, Saifilter temporary strainers offer a more economical option in liquid applications.

When the flow of liquid is interrupted due to the accumulation of particles or sediment over an extended period of time, the temporary cone strainer between the flanges can be disassembled on-site for cleaning or replacement, ensuring the system quickly returns to its optimal operational state.

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Saifilter provides customized temporary cone strainers to meet the specific requirements of different customers. The available configuration options for filter materials include perforated plates, composite sintered multi-layer screens, precision woven wire meshes, and more. For temporary strainers intended for specialized applications, we employ advanced etched screen technology to manufacture conical screens with varying structures. These can be tailored based on the flow direction, allowing for the addition of metal wire meshes on the interior or exterior as needed.

Temporary strainer standard optional mesh size selection from 10 mesh to 400 mesh. Conical temporary strainers are available in carbon steel as well as a choice of stainless steel grades to ensure reliable durability in corrosive working environments.

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According to different customer application requirements, these temporary strainers offer a choice of perforated plates, woven mesh, or sintered mesh as the filtration media. When selecting the appropriate filtration media for the temporary. Among them, the application of witches hat filter is very widely.

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Cone Strainer Type ( Perforated Plate Composite )

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Cone Mesh Filter Type ( Woven Mesh )

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Cone Strainer Type ( Sintered Mesh Composite )

Temporary Strainer 010

Cone Filter Type ( Perforated Plate )

Nominal Dimensions

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1 1/23.253.6253.6253.753.751.253.504.506.
2 1/24.755.005.006.3756.3752.


  • Standard temporary strainer materials are stainless steel and carbon steel: However other materials are available upon request.
  • Standard perforated material thickness: Ranges between 14 ga to 20 ga flange rings 1i ga heavier gauge available for perforated and or rings.
  • Perforation: Hole sizes 1/16"And up.
  • Flange facings: Raised face and rtj available.
  • Liners cover: 10 mesh and up standard mesh is 304ss.
  • Special lengths are available.

Operating Conditions

Temperature limit with Buna-N gaskets: 121℃ (250°F), other gasket materials to 232°C (450°F). From -269℃( -452°F ) to 350℃ ( 622°F ) alloy limiting

Normal flow direction: 0.5bar - 50bar

Reverse flow direction: 0.3 - 43bar

* Grade dependant.

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Technical Details

  • Micron size range: 5-3000μm.
  • Different media options: From 1-layer to 7-layer mesh.
  • Configurations, standard options include metal woven mesh and perforated plate.
  • Materials of construction:carbon steel,  SS316/316L, Hastelloy-C276, Inconel-600, titanium.
  • Gaskets: PTFE, Buna-N2, Graphite composite


  • Process Industry
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Power Industry
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Chemical Industry
  • Marine
  • Oil and Gas
  • Steel Mills
  • Metals and Mining

A Temporary Strainer is a type of filtration device used in pipelines and process systems to capture debris, particles, and contaminants temporarily. It helps protect sensitive equipment downstream during construction, commissioning, or maintenance by preventing these materials from causing damage.

A Temporary Strainer is installed temporarily in a pipeline or system. It consists of a perforated or mesh-like screen that captures debris and particles as the fluid flows through it. The strainer can be removed, cleaned, or replaced once its capacity is reached or when the system is stable.

A Temporary Strainer is beneficial during construction, system startup, or maintenance activities. It's used when there's a likelihood of debris or contaminants entering the system, which could potentially damage downstream equipment or clog components.

They are designed for initial system operation. For long-term fluid filtration, it is recommended to use permanent filters, such as Y-type strainers or basket strainers.

Yes, a Temporary Strainer can be reused in some cases. After it has served its purpose, the strainer can be removed, cleaned thoroughly to remove captured debris, and then reinstalled in another part of the system where temporary filtration is needed. However, its reuse largely depends on the extent of contamination and the strainer's condition after removal.


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