Sintered Bronze Filter Plate

Saifilter Sintered Bronze Filter Plate is a precisely shaped component produced to meet customer needs and is a porous filter media. Each requires a specific mold to obtain the desired geometry and hole diameter. It is made by filling spherical powder into a mold and then sintering it under high temperature and vacuum. Renowned for its durability, the Sintered Bronze Filter ensures efficient removal of particulate matter and contaminants from gases or liquids, providing excellent mechanical strength, thermal resistance, and corrosion durability. 

Sintered Bronze Filter Plate interconnected porous network, characteristic of the sintered bronze filter's design, ensures consistent filtration efficiency. At the same time, its reusability and the ability to withstand harsh operating environments make it a preferred choice for various industrial applications, including chemical processing, fluid power systems, and machinery where precise contamination control is essential.

porous bronze sheet
Sintered Bronze Filter Plate


  • Shape: square sheet
  • Length: 5-300mm
  • Thickness: minimum 5mm
  • Filtration accuracy: 2-120 μm
  • Particle removal rate: up to 99.9%

Note: Provide customized services based on your specific application.

MaterialFilter RatingPorosityWorking PressureOperating TemperatureShapeCoefficient of expansionDensity
Bronze Powder1um-200um35 - 45%0.3 - 5.0MPa-120 - 450℃Round Disc 17x10-61-6kg/mm2

Production( Diameter ) Length( Diameter ) WidthThicknessCustomized
Porous Bronze Sheet1200mm300mm1-70mmYes

Sintered Bronze Filters Plate

Sintered Bronze Sheet

sintered bronze sheet

Porous Bronze Sheet


  • Porous Structure: It has a uniform and controlled porous matrix, which is achieved through the sintering process.
  • Mechanical Strength: High compression and sintering temperatures create a strong bond between the bronze particles, providing excellent mechanical stability.
  • Heat Resistance: Bronze has a high melting point, which allows the filter plate to operate at higher temperatures without deforming.
  • Chemical Resistance: Bronze is resistant to many chemicals, making it suitable for filtering corrosive substances.
  • Shape Versatility: The plates can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to fit specific applications.
  • Customizable Pore Sizes: The sintering process allows for precise control over the pore sizes, accommodating a range of filtration requirements.


  • High Filtration Efficiency: The uniform pore size distribution aids in consistently removing particles, resulting in high filtration efficiency.
  • Reusability: These filter plates can be cleaned and reused multiple times, reducing the need for frequent replacement and minimizing waste.
  • Long Service Life: Due to their strength and resistance to wear, these plates often have a longer service life than other filtration materials.
  • Operational in Harsh Environments: Their robust nature makes them suitable for challenging operating conditions, including high-pressure and temperature environments.
  • Environmental Sustainability: The ability to clean and reuse the filter plate means less environmental impact than disposable filters.


  • Gas Dispersion Sparging
  • Gas Equalizing Fluidization
  • Filtration and Separation
  • Polymer filtration Sensor and Valve Protection
  • Gas & Liquid filtration
  • Aerosol Separation
  • Throtting and Dampening
  • Gas Silencing & Muffling
bronze air filter
sintered bronze air filter
Sintered bonze metal filter
sintered bronze filter element

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Saifilter Sintered Bronze Filter Plates are used in various applications due to their durability and resistance to high temperatures and corrosive environments. Typical uses include fluid power systems, pneumatic controls, oil and gas filtration, chemical processing, and machinery for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. They are particularly valued for their ability to provide consistent filtration under demanding operational conditions.

Yes, one of the advantages of Saifilter Sintered Bronze Filter Plates is their ability to withstand high pressures. The sintering process creates metallurgical solid bonds between the particles, giving the filter plate excellent mechanical strength. However, it is essential to choose a filter plate with a pressure rating suitable for your system's maximum operating pressure to ensure safety and performance.

Typically, it involves pre-rinsing, soaking in a cleaning solution, possibly ultrasonic cleaning, and thorough rinsing post-cleaning. Always use cleaning agents compatible with bronze and avoid abrasive methods that could damage the pores of the filter plate. Drying completely before reinstallation is also critical to prevent contamination or corrosion.

Yes, Saifilter Sintered Bronze Filter Plates are versatile and can be used for liquid and gas filtration. Their porous structure is designed to trap particles effectively while allowing the fluid or gas to pass through with minimal resistance. The material’s resistance to corrosion and ability to withstand varying temperatures make it suitable for a wide range of media.


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