Everything You Should Know about Self-Cleaning Filter

Irrigation of crops requires an adequate amount of water to flourish the land, and for that purpose, we need a self-cleaning water system to make the field evergreen and appealing for sight. However, there are some obsolete techniques and methods for doing this work. We are taking you one step ahead in this regard by introducing an advanced and efficient self-cleaning water filter system.

We will also talk about the efficiency of its working and how it works proficiently. Later, we will discuss some benefits of a self-cleaning water filter system and why it has widely been used in this business. So give this article a read and explore why it is the number one choice.

What is a self-cleaning water filter system?

Choosing the best irrigation product for crops and finding an ideal water source is very much crucial. It is a trial and error process that takes some time and required some testing before use. The priority is the product which is best for a land. Keeping care of the texture of the soil is another important thing and factor because every soil is different.

Due to these essential concerns, we need a self-cleaning water filter system that will provide the best result because it averts the debris and dust particles to get into the container. Hence self-cleaning water filter system is the be-all and end-all.

In this regard, we have different types of filter systems. Like;

  • Mechanical cleaned filters
  • Tubular backwash filters
  • The self-cleaning water filter system

Types of issues that we face in other filter systems

  • The first thing is a filter system requires a lot of maintenance, and a self-cleaning water filter system has this amazing feature that it does not require much maintenance. Hence many people choose this filter system.
  • We need non-portable and freshwater as a fantastic water source.
  • When water enters, it brings sand, silt, and clay particles because they have to clog factors.
  • It reaches the inner surface of the filter screen and forms a cake on a filter which is not good for a filter system.
  • For instance, if the accumulation of dirt particles increased in number, it will clog the filter. Afterward, the efficiency of filters will be affected and won’t perform very well.
  • After damaging the filter system, it disturbs the uniform water supply to crops and stops irrigation completely.

Why self a cleaning water filter system is the best?

Self cleaning water filter system has efficient, reliable, and best features that distinguish it from other types of the water filter system. The first reason is it does not require full maintenance due to the self-cleaning property. They are much water-efficient and supply uniform water to all the crops.

Another resilient feature is, it does not waste water and is cost-friendly as well. It does not require a lot of labor work and is proven to be the best cleaning water filter, so what are you waiting for?  Buy a self-cleaning water filter system from the best company and get yourself relax from this issue.

How does self cleaning water system work?

Now, comes the most important thing, and it is how does it work? So let's fathom the process in detail to get a clear idea about it without any obscurity.

Filtration process

We are describing each step separately so you will understand the process better.

Step no 1; first of all, raw water enters through the filter's inlet and passes through the coarse screen, which remains alert to catch the dust and debris into the water.

Step no 2; after removing primary dirt from the water, the much clearer water continues to flow through the filter and passes into a fine inner screen. It catches all the remaining small dust particles at this stage, which are the secondary dust particles.

Step no 3; after that, DPS, a differential pressure switch, monitors the control of pressure caused by the assemblage of fine dust particles on the inner screen.

Step no 4; finally, initiates a self-cleaning process when it senses a specific difference in pressure. It is the internal cleaning mechanism that finally removes all clogging particles, which mitigates the efficiency of the filter system.

Step no5; the internal cleaning mechanism removes build-up from a screen which discharges it afterward.

Self-cleaning process

There are certain reasons which we are mentioning below. Any one of them will become the reason for the initiation of the self-cleaning process.

  • Time interval parameters have been set at the controller.
  • The signal from the DP switch, which is approximately is 7psi or 0.5bar.
  • The manual start is triggered by any application or electronic keypad.

Note the working of flush valves as well because we open them to the atmosphere, which creates a strong suction force at the scanner nozzles. They help remove all types of dirt particles from the screen and discharge them from the filter.

Advantages of a self-cleaning water filter system

Due to the outnumbered benefits of a self-cleaning water filter system, we come across with this verdict that it is great and the best system which eradicates all types of dust particles that causes the blockage of the filter.

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of a self-cleaning water filter system.

  • A self-cleaning water filter system is an excellent choice for remote places far away from common places.
  • It does not require many operators working; hence it got the name of self-cleaning water filter.
  • They are of low maintenance, which is the most important concern we have mentioned beforehand because it is what it is!
  • Furthermore, they can clean themselves while the system is running. This feature is very rare and not present in other filter systems.
  • Self-cleaning filter water filter has a compact and unique design that stands it among other filter systems.
  • It does not cost you a lot because it saves your money and time. It provides the best working, and the results are much more improved in terms of quality from other filter systems.


Although many water systems are available in the market, choose the best one because it will give you thousands of benefits and be efficient in the longer run. All in all, if you love your land and want healthy crops, then buy a self-cleaning water filter because it will cater to all issues very well, so you don't need to sweat over it. All your problems will be resolved, so what are you waiting for?

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