Stainless steel filter cartridge guide

With the rapid progress of industrial technology, the demand for industrial products is becoming larger and larger, especially in the chemical industry. The lower price of crude oil reduces the cost of refining and chemical enterprises from the other hand. Therefore, the stainless steel filter cartridge, which is used as the production support of these factories, is also consumed and used more, which makes the demand of stainless steel filter cartridge also growing. More dealers are looking for industrial filter cartridge manufacturers.

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This article will give you the most comprehensive product introduction of stainless steel filter cartridge, This passage will give you a proper and durable product that will solve your problems. You can see the huge difference between different products. make you know it clear, you need to read this complete guide carefully.

1.What is the Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

Stainless steel filter cartridge is a kind of detachable cylindrical equipment, which is designed according to international manufacturing standards. The main material of stainless steel filter cartridge is stainless steel. It has good filtering function and reliable quality. You may think this simple definition is too short to make you clear of the structure, I will divide it into several parts to explain every component differently.

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2.Working Principle of Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

Generally, the stainless steel filter cartridge uses the principle of physical filtration. Physical filtration means removing physical impurities that contaminate the purity of water and other fluids. It includes the use of a filter which will block the further movement of the solid impurities when the fluid passes through. A filter cartridge is a type of filter that has the housing to protect it from physical damage and other external factors.

As you know filter cartridge, it is easy to understand what is stainless steel filter cartridge. The stainless steel filter cartridge is a filter made from steel material. It has many advantages, but the most important one is you can use it to clean impurities such as physical impurities and chemical impurities as well.

As we know, the filter cartridge may be from different types of materials, but the main material is polypropylene and stainless steel. If you compare the two materials you will find stainless steel has many advantages.

Even though the working principle of a stainless steel filter cartridge is similar to the other types of cartridges, however, due to the particularity of material, the products provided by good industrial stainless steel filter cartridge manufacturers can make customers more satisfied.

3. Applicable Field and Range of Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

Generally speaking, a cartridge will block or trap the impurities in the fluid as the fluid flows. But the filter manufacturer produces different filters with different micron ratings for different applications. You should know exactly what filter you are going to choose. It is important to choose the right and proper filter. The stainless steel filter cartridge filters industrial fluids such as oil, syrup, liquor, sugary fluids, fruit juices, and alcoholic products. Because the stainless steel filter cartridge has a very small micron rating, so you can filter sediments such as yeast sediments, and bacterial sediments. However, filtering liquid at high temperature is also one of the widely used.

4. Design Parameters of Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

The micron grade range of stainless steel filter cartridge includes:
I. 5 microns responsible for fine filtration
II. 10 microns responsible for medium filtration
III. 50 microns responsible for pre-filtration as it traps larger particles of the sediments

At the same time, the design of stainless steel filter can meet the application needs of some harsh environment industries.
I. Applications that involve fluids at very high temperatures
II. Applications that deal with chemicals that can react with polypropylene
III. Applications with flow fluids with very high pressure

Of course, in addition to accurately filtering the particles in the fluid, resistance to high pressure, high temperature and chemical corrosion is also a characteristic of stainless steel filter cartridge.

The stainless steel material can either be SS304, SS 316L or SS316. To increase the area of filtration, the elements can either be cylindrical or plain.

5. The Features of Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

Since you knew what is stainless steel filter cartridge, you should take care of the features for your own application.

You can choose the stainless steel filter cartridge depending on your application. The stainless steel filter cartridge has different sizes and features. The different features and sizes allow it to perform different functions.

Some of the main features of the stainless steel filter cartridge are in the following paragraphs.

5.1 Design-Cylindrical or Pleated

Manufacturers have two designs of the stainless steel filter cartridge which can either be cylindrical or pleated. The difference between the two is basically on the mode of application for different industries and composition. You can choose the proper one that conforms to your devices.

It is widely known that the cylindrical design provides a sleeve of filter media in support of a central core. Apart from that, the cylindrical design has a sintered wire mesh with five layers sintered in a vacuum. The finest micron filters rating range from 3 to 300 microns. It has many advantages such as good permeability, high strength, high resistance, and durable of a longer life.

The pleated design of the stainless steel filter cartridge uses a pleated media in support of a central core. Therefore, it can provide twice the efficiency of the cylindrical stainless steel filter cartridge.

In terms of welding technology, both of the two designs rely on ultra-clean, modern plasma and TiG welding systems. This method will guarantee the integrity of the cartridge as it eliminates bypass risks. Besides, it can also eliminate the presence of the extractable matter that is available in any of the boding agents.

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5.2 Material Type

As the name suggests, stainless steel is the main material for making stainless steel filter element, which is composed of a variety of different types of metals, which constitute a series of corrosion-resistant steel. It basically consists of 8% nickel, and customers can choose other high corrosion resistant alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy and Monel according to their needs. According to atmospheric conditions, safilter's stainless steel components can be used at temperatures up to 540 ° C (1004 ° f), with intermittent peak values up to 650 ° C (1202 ° f), and resistant to most chemicals. Because of its durability, high temperature and high pressure, safilter is also the preferred material for many industrial products.

Generally, S304 or s316 stainless steel is the most commonly used material by manufacturers.

5.3 Length

The length of the stainless steel filter cartridge depends on which type of application you need to do. Besides, the length of the stainless steel filter cartridge will also depend on the area you are measuring.

The length of the stainless steel filter cartridge is in millimeters. Nominal length is the measure of the distance from the top of the cartridge to the bottom of the cartridge. It will depend on your application. If the filter cartridge is longer, the ideal system flow rate and appropriate pressure drop can be obtained.

5.4 Diameter (inner/outer)

The diameter of the stainless steel filter cartridge is the widest part of a circle. It involves the line that passes directly through the center of the circle from one end to another. There are two main diameters in a stainless steel filter cartridge which consist of the inner and outer.

The inner diameter is the distance between the widest parts of the hole in the stainless steel filter cartridge.  The smaller the inner diameter, the bigger the filter cartridge will cover a wider surface area. If you use different ways such as inches or centimeters to measure it, the size will vary different greatly.

The outer diameter is the diameter of the outer part of the stainless steel filter cartridge. You can measure it by measuring the widest part of the stainless steel filter cartridge in inches or centimeters.  The longer the outer diameter of the cartridge, the bigger is the cartridge. Therefore, it means that the cartridge has more space to filter the liquid. The shorter the diameter, the smaller is the surface area in the cartridge.

5.5 Micron Rating

Micron ratings are the representation of the overall size of openings between the pieces of the filter media. If the micron rating of a filter media is larger, the hole will be wider. It means 20 microns is wider than 10 microns. At the same, if the micron rating is large, impurities will pass through the filter.

Stainless steel filter cartridges have very small micron ratings so that they can trap more impurities. The stainless steel filter cartridge varies in terms of micron ratings and that depends on the application which you choose.

Industrial applications that require filter the smallest microorganisms will use the filter cartridges with the smallest micro ratings. The stainless steel filter cartridge will ensure purity when the fluids pass through.

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5.6 Sealing Configuration

Before you decide to seal the final stainless steel filter cartridge, the necessary step you should to know the sealing configuration. The sealing configuration will guide you to make the necessary measurements before complete sealing.

The stainless steel filter cartridge will go through the heat or melting sealing systems in many cases. In this case, the sealing configuration of the stainless steel filter cartridge will be very strong. You should have a strong seal or high integrity that will not break under very high pressure and temperature when you seal it. Under this circumstance, if you want to get a good sealing, you should specify the diameter and shape of the stainless steel filter cartridge before making the seal.

Good industrial filter element manufacturers can use high-quality sealing materials to ensure that leakage will not happen. Of course, the cost will become higher.

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5.7 Working Pressure and Temperature

You know the stainless steel filter cartridge usually work under great pressure and very high temperatures. All these conditions determine the type of material when manufacturers use in making the fiber.

Therefore, it is important for you to understand the industrial application where you will use the filter cartridge. Manufacturers use different materials to produce different types of stainless steel filter cartridge. They also can produce the filters within a given pressure and temperature.

In order to determine how strong the material should be, you have to specify the working pressure and temperature through experiment. While manufacturers will specify the working temperature and pressure when they produce the normal stainless steel filter cartridges. They will display the maximum temperature where you can operate the filter cartridge comfortably without damages. They will also show the maximum pressure where the filter cartridge can work well at the first time without hitches. At the same time, the experiment will also show the maximum pressure that the filter can work normally when it is installed for the first time. These tests will help you grade different types of stainless steel filter elements.

5.8 Construction Method

Generally speaking, they are two common construction methods for the stainless steel filter cartridge. There is an adhesive or welded joint method.

5.8.1 Welded Joint Method

By connecting two or more stainless steel filters together, a complete structure can be formed. According to the geometric shape and size, the different parts of the cartridge are welded, including the welded joint, which can be divided into five types: tee, butt, corner, lap and edge.

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5.8.2 Adhesive Joint Method

This construction should use an adhesive to joining the different parts of the stainless steel filter cartridge. An adhesive can either be glue, mucilage, paste, and others for joining the parts strongly. The strength of the adhesive bond will depend on the distribution and direction of the stress within the joints due to the load on it.

There are six main types of adhesive for you to choose. They include butt joint, scarf joint, single lap joint, double lap joint, single strap joint, and double strap joint. The typical forces in adhesive joints are compression, tension, shear, bending involving compression plus tension and torsion.

When doing adhesive joints you should follow the basic rules:
I. Small cleavage and peeling stress.
II. Shear stress should be greater than tension
III. The area of bonding should be as large as possible
IV. The layer of adhesive thickness should be uniform and on the minimal

You should guarantee a strong bond between the elements and put them together when you take the two methods. It should be very strong when the stainless steel works under high temperature and pressure.

To avoid any breakage or destruction, welding the joints is the best method of constructing the stainless steel filter cartridge. But you should pay attention to the methods you choose when you apply them into practice.

5.9 Effective Filtration Area

Effective Filtration Area is the area for the stainless steel filter cartridge to filter. You will find a wider or larger filtration area provides a bigger surface area for the filtration of the fluids. If the filtration areas are small, it will provide a small effective filtration for the fluid when passes through the stainless steel filter cartridge.

If you want a wide effective filtration area, you need to give pressure to control the flow rate. In case you want to order a custom stainless steel filter cartridge, please make sure the filtration area is wide enough. The wide filtration area will increase the effective filtration area and make the device more reliable.

5.10 End Type

Most of the stainless steel filter cartridges have double open ends where both ends are open. You will find some of them only have one open end, so you need to identify them as the single open end filter cartridge.

There are five main end types of the stainless steel filter cartridge as follows:

I. Double open end with the grommet type of seal
II. Single open end with the grommet type seal
III. Single open end with the male NPT connection

The end types vary in size according to the type of machine that you choose. Customers should order stainless steel filter elements of the right size to suit different applications.

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6.What is the Advantages or Disadvantages of the Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge?

There are some advantages of the stainless steel filter cartridge as follows:

I. The stainless steel filter cartridge has a very high tensile strength, thus it can boost the resistance to high pressure. If your industry uses high pressure to operate for a long time, you can use the stainless steel filter cartridge. It can stand the high fluid pressure and remain for a long time.
II. The stainless steel filter cartridge is able to withstand the high temperature for it has stainless steel material. Other materials are easy to expand under high temperature, but stainless steel filter cartridge remains stable under this circumstance.
III. The material is stainless steel and it is very easy to clean and use again. When you start to clean, you need to remove the impurities and reinstalling them for further operations. You do not need to clean it frequently for the specific advantage of stainless steel is clean with no stains.
IV. The mechanical strength of the stainless steel filter cartridge is high to withstand high pressure. Mechanical strength can resist high temperature and pressure and remain in good shape throughout the operation.
V. The pleats on the pleated stainless steel filter cartridge will increase the surface area of filtration for the gadget. Before you replace it with a new one you can use it for a long time because it is more durable.
VI. You can use the stainless steel filter cartridge in different sizes for a wide range of industrial applications. The different sizes can easily fit in different sizes of the machine, and there are different 0-ring or gasket options for different applications.
VII. The stainless steel filter cartridge has a fixed pore structure that will resist the unloading impurities back to the clean fluid. The absolute rating of the pores will provide consistent, reliable and repeatable filtration of the fluid. It also improves the efficiency of retention, and provides a better filtration of the downstream filters.
VIII. The stainless steel material will make the device more durable and able to resist corrosion. Resistance to corrosion will not contaminate the fluids and make it a proper instrument.
IX. It allows for backflushing of fluids to ensure that there no fluid remains in the filter. It also allows the fluid to go through the second surface of filtration and make it purer.
All these advantages will save a lot of money for you if you use the stainless steel filter cartridge. You can use your money in continuous maintenance or purchase other replacements. Frankly speaking, it is very economical when you use the stainless steel filter cartridge.

When you customize the design of stainless steel filter cartridge, you should first consider the dirt capacity of the filter material. In some cases, it will increase the replacement frequency of the filter cartridge. Besides, it is costly to purchase, replace and dispose of when compared to other common filter cartridge materials.

7. How Many Structural Types Does the Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge have?

Stainless steel filter cartridges have different forms that depend on the application and design. You can choose different types of stainless steel filter cartridge from a wide range. You can get the most efficient device at a fair price. There are the most significant types of stainless steel filter cartridges:

7.1 Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Cartridge

The stainless steel mesh filter cartridge is made of high-quality metal woven mesh. The metal wire mesh is formed under high temperature and high pressure. Then, it is prepared by drawing the wire through a wire drawing machine. Woven wire mesh is a series of wires that are carefully interlocked together by using a dedicated loom. Wire diameter, opening (aperture) size, micron level, weaving pattern are fully customizable. Woven wire mesh is widely used as filter cloth because it has excellent durability and chemical resistance in harsh operations.

You should know the characteristic of wire mesh:
I. The wire has a precise structure and creates a uniform mesh.
II. The wire mesh has high filtration accuracy and is very strong to resist corrosion.
III. The wire mesh can resist high temperature and work in applications with high temperatures.
IV. Despite high temperatures, it also resists chemicals and acids.
You can use it in the filtration of fluids without damage whatever there are strongly acidic or alkali conditions. Oil industries use it as the mud filter and sieve strainer in the chemical fiber industries. If you are in the electroplating industry, you can use the stainless steel mesh filter cartridge for acid pickling.

The main parameters of the stainless steel mesh filter cartridge include:
I. Material-you can find it in different materials such as stainless steel wire, brass wire, and nickel wire. The stainless steel material can exist in different sizes such as SUS 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L.
II. The diameter of the wire has two main dimensions which are weft or warp.
III. You may know the common types of weaving which are twill weave, plain weave, Dutch weave, and double wire Dutch weave. Apart from that, you can find more with the mat type twill weave and the five heddle weave.

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7.2 Stainless Steel Sintered Filter Cartridge

The main material of the stainless steel sintered mesh filter element is stainless steel, and its main filter material is composed of multiple layers of 316 woven mesh. If these layers are sintered together, it will form an integral filter medium. The net in the middle is very fine, and it will determine the micron level of filtration. Next, by welding the upper and lower ends, it will become a complete filter element.

The middle layer has two outer layers and an inner thick net, which will give protection and support. If you want to filter heavily polluted liquids, you should choose a stainless steel sintered mesh filter element. It can be a pre-filter before the fluid passes through the final filter.

The filter has PTFE, fluororubber or copper alloy seals, especially in high temperature applications. In addition to the standard five-layer sintered mesh filter element, there are also two-layer mesh sintered filter elements. The two-layer sintered wire mesh filter element is composed of 316 woven wire mesh, which is inexpensive and is an ideal application.

Similarly, customers can order this element according to different types of filter media. You can refer to the description of the media type of the stainless steel sintered filter cartridge below.

I. Sintered metal powder filter element is made of stainless steel 316L metal powder after high temperature sintering. It has a solid structure, low permeability, deep filtration, corrosion resistance and self-supporting characteristics, so it can reduce the need to rely on more components. You can find it in the standard sintered metal powder filter element and it is cost effective.
II. Sintered metal fiber filter element, which is made by the manufacturer using randomly laid metal fibers through a sintering process. A uniform filter medium with uniform porosity and high permeability is formed. It has the advantages of low pressure drop, low maintenance, long life, and easy cleaning.
III. Metal woven mesh filter element, the commonly used types are twill woven mesh and ordinary square woven mesh. It has good permeability, high tensile strength, and can obtain the largest filtration area in a simple to complex structures. Involving metal wire meshes that are precisely woven in different weaving forms, the main weaving form you can find is used to define the absolute micron level.
IV. The sintered metal mesh filter element is produced by a novel sintering process and has an excellent mechanical strength structure. It consists of many layers, and you can use it for a long time. Available forms include flat plates, custom shapes, welded cones and welded cylinders, and the materials can be manufactured in various layer combinations according to your specific application. Standard material combinations can include perforated plates to provide additional support.

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7.3 Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Cartridge

The main material of the stainless steel pleated filter cartridge is the stainless steel woven mesh. Apart from that, you can use stainless steel fiber felt to replace the stainless steel woven mesh. Some of the designs use stainless steel sintered fiber web as the multi-pore filter media.

When you use the stainless steel pleated filter cartridge, you will find the advantages as follows:
I. The pleats increase the surface area where the fluid flows thus increasing the chances of fluid filtration.
II. It has one of the largest areas for filtering and a huge capacity for holding dirt.
III. You can clean it properly and reuse it through the process of ultra-cleaning and chemical cleansing.
IV. You should know it only can filter the fluids through a range of 3 to 200 microns.
V. It has a very low initial pressure drop.
VI. There are three materials as 304, 316, and 316L for you to choose from.
VII. There are four connection types to choose such as DOE, thread, and SOE 222/226 according to your applications.
You can use it in different applications such as high molecular polymers, hydraulic oil, hot gas, and water treatment plants.

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7.4 stainless Steel Wedge Wire Filters

Stainless steel wedge wire filters have filter cartridges with wires in the shape of a wedge. The wedge shape is important for different and challenging filtering applications.

In most cases, the features of the best type of stainless steel filter cartridges include:

It has a wide range of wedge wire screens which has slot widths from 50 microns or 0.05 mm. It has an open area ranging from 2% to 40%, and provide filtration and separation solutions for you.
It has a continuous slot or aperture which provides a wide area that guarantees it drops at low-pressure. At this point, it can help you decrease the low tendencies to clog or blind.
It has certain slot widths, especially with the looped wedge wires. You can use it in starching of screens in the extraction of corn starch.
The wedge wire devices are very strong for the numerous welds and wire winding close together. They are important and durable stainless steel filters, especially in waste management applications.
The triangular wire and continuous aperture section will ensure two contact points for the particles. It will help you to reduce the risk of clogging and blinding.

The advantages of using the stainless steel wedge wire filters include:
I. It provides the optimum strength of the structure for the heavy loads.
II. It can withstand high pulsating pressure.
III. It is best than other types of filters to resist corrosion.
IV. You can use it under high temperature and pressure, and it will not destroy the structure.
V. It is durable so you can use it for a long time. You just need to clean it and you can use it again.
VI. It allows a high rate of flow and drops at low-pressure.
VII. You can apply it in sterile applications such as the food industry.

The stainless steel wedge wire filters in fluid or solid separation can offer maximum effectiveness and efficiency. You can use it for separation, filtration and straining of the fluids that pass through it.

You can also use it in many applications such as pulp, pare, petrochemical, chemical, plastic extraction, coatings, sealant/adhesive filtration.

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7.5 Stainless Steel Filter Baskets

The stainless steel basket filter is suitable for liquid clarification and filtration.

It consists of a filter housing which can be cast iron or stainless steel. The housing contains a stainless steel filter basket. According to the different applications and designs of customers, their shapes are also different. You can see different structure types of filter baskets.

When the filter basket filters fluid, you can see that the overall structure of the stainless steel filter basket is very easy to control. It also eliminates the need for perforated filter baskets or filter bags.

This design is used to clean heavy contaminated solid particles. The contaminants are collected in a basket filter to prevent debris from entering the pump or returning to the system. The manufacturer can customize the choice of flat bottom, round bottom, flat top and inclined top.

The main features of the stainless steel filter basket are:
Manufacturers can use 304 or 316L materials to make stainless steel filter baskets.
I. It has different micron grades, depending on the application you choose, but the most common is 30 microns.
II. The micron range you can choose is between 10 and 300 microns.
III. Manufacturers usually use welding processes to ensure the structural integrity of the basket.
IV. It is easy to clean, only need to open the quick release bolts to take out and rinse with a high-pressure water gun.
V. You can tell the manufacturer your needs, and they will customize the design for you.
VI. The design of the filter basket will allow for different industrial applications with large flow.

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8. What is the Application of the Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge?

There are many applications where you can use the stainless steel filter cartridge in the filtration of fluids. But most of them are industrials as they need high temperature and pressure.

Here are some of the major applications in the following:
I. Pressurized gases-for protecting the equipment from oil, water, dirt and other impurities in compressed air.
II. Fluidized-bed combustion-it is vital to eliminating impurities from the system that involves chemical reactions and rapid heat transfer.
III. Water treatment-used for the large scale passing water and stainless steel can prevent elements such as rust, chemicals, algae, decaying sediments, and organic matter.
IV. Condensate water-helps iron from corrosion and removes it to enhance the movement and safety of the whole system.
V. Gearbox and bearing oil lube filtration-cleaning the oil or lubricants that might have contaminations as a result of abrasion from moving parts, therefore enhance the efficiency of the system function.
VI. Seal protection-helps to eliminate the impurities which will get to the rotating parts of the system.

9.How to Clean the Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge?

When you have used the stainless steel filter cartridge for a long time, it is important to clean it. As you know the most durable device for industries is the stainless steel filter cartridge, but the durability of it depends on how you clean the device.

You should know how to clean your devices in a proper way. Here we will provide the process of cleaning the sintered stainless steel mesh filters. You can use this method to clean other types of filter cartridges, for the process is similar.

However, this method will not fit some types of stainless filter cartridges, so you should make it clear when you begin to clean your devices.

The sintered stainless steel filter element can be divided into the following three types according to the filter material:
I. Sintered mesh filter elements
II. Sintered felt filter elements
III. Sintered metal powder filter elements

This is the type of stainless steel filter cartridge that many industries choose to use. Before cleaning, you first need to check which type of structural material the component belongs to, and then make sure that you have worn protective clothing and gloves.

It will protect you from the leakage of dangerous chemicals. In addition, you need to prepare the following items to help you clean:
I. Baking furnace filters on the excess impurities of grease in continuous temperature at 380℃ degrees.
II. You should prepare an NC ultrasonic machine for cleaning.
III. You can easily adjust the spray equipment, so you need a cleaning tank for you can heat the filters.

You should provide a powerful cleaning agent and a highly efficient water based agent. It should not contain chloride which will easily cause corrosion of the stainless steel. You should clean your devices at the 5 millimicrons filtration equipment, and the water for cleaning should be deep and clean.

You should check the differential pressure after you securing all the cleaning equipment. Please make sure that the pressure is very low to avoid any accidents that may occur when you dismantle the cartridge. You should also check the surface of the filter cartridge and ensure everything goes well before you remove the filter cartridge.

You need to put the stainless steel filter cartridge in a nitrogen protection furnace and heat it to a temperature of 380℃. You should heat it for two hours as it filters out the impurities and dirt sticking to the cartridge. Then remove the filter and cool it to desired temperatures.

You should put the filter in the ultrasonic cleaning slot of the cleaning machine. The slot should have a strong liquid for cleaning inside and then heat it for an hour till 80℃. At the same time, the cavitation on the filter and the cleaning liquid will easily penetrate the filter from every corner. You will find the dirt disappear gradually after you do these processes. You can use the hanging piece method to check corrosion in the cleaning tank.

You can use the cleaning agent to get rid of the corrosion conditions, and it is better to use the water to rinse the filter cartridge as much as possible to remove the residues. Then blow the filters to dry the water from the cartridge for 20 seconds. You can also put the stainless steel wire mesh into the oven, and dry it at a temperature of 50℃.

You can also use a magnifying glass to check whether there are any impurities on the stainless steel filter cartridge. Due to the features of magnifying glass, you can easily identify impurities. On the contrary, if you find nothing, it means the stainless steel filter cartridge is clean and you can reinstall it.

10. How to Replace the Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge?

As you know the purpose of a stainless steel filter cartridge is to trap impurities in the fluids when they flow through them.

If the impurities always exist in the stainless steel filter cartridge, it will increase the burden and decrease the efficacy of the stainless steel filter cartridge. The important thing to relieve the clogging is to remove the stainless steel filter cartridge and clean it properly. You will find you can’t clean it anymore after you have repeated for many times. But the clean process is possible, while the cartridge may not be effective as it should be. The only method is to remove the old stainless steel filter cartridge and replace it with a new one.

If you find the stainless steel filter cartridge is on a low level after a long period of use, which means it is time for you to replace it with a new one. Furthermore, some parts of the stainless steel filter cartridge are prone to damage. Therefore, you should buy a new one to replace when you find some parts are damaged.

Even though the process of replacement is direct, you also need to pay attention to it. On one hand, you should make sure you have the protective gear to avoid any injuries from the device or its element. On the other hand, you need to gather all the tools that you need to help you in replacing the stainless steel filter cartridge. The most important thing that you should check you have shut down the whole process so that nothing will come through for filtration during the replacement process.

Before the replacement, you should make sure the pressure gauge is at minimal pressure or shut down completely. The pressure system will also give you a clue that it is time to replace the stainless steel filter cartridge.

When you remove the stainless steel filter cartridge from the system, it is important for you to use the right appliances such as a wrench. After that check the adjacent joining parts of the system and see if they are in a good condition. Then you can put the new stainless steel filter cartridge in the right situation.
All processes will make everything easy and they will fit into the system. You should make sure the replacement is standard and the system is right. If you make sure everything is in order, it can help you to avoid any accidents during the process of filtration in the future.

11. Why do you Choose Stainless Filter Element?

There are some benefits of the stainless filter element. The first one is high strength resistance, it can withstand high differential pressure. The second one is it can use for larger surfaces and pleats for stainless steel filters, clean and reusable for long service time. The third is it has excellent heat and corrosion resistance. It can also apply to a variety of configurations for various applications.

Saifilter stainless steel filter element is also named SS filter element and stainless steel filter element. According to different process technology, it mainly consists of stainless steel mesh filter element, stainless steel filter basket, stainless steel pleated filter element, stainless steel sintered filter element, and wedge line filter element.

High-quality stainless steel cartridge provides a micron rating from 1 to 5000 microns, which is very suitable for high temperature, high pressure, heavily polluted liquid, and corrosive environment.

In order to meet your special application and existing filter elements, stainless steel water filter elements, stainless steel air filter elements, and stainless steel filter elements for liquids are designed in different shapes and sizes, with different lengths or end caps for easy installation.

In Saifilter own stainless steel filter element production plant, we can mass-produce in emergency delivery time no matter using epoxy bonding, welding, sintering, and crimping construction. We have the most extensive warehouse, with more than 500 kinds of standard stainless steel filter elements, which can be delivered quickly.

Saifilter stainless steel filter elements will cost you a lot of money at the beginning compared with glass fiber or paper filter elements, but after a period of use, they will help you save more cost because all of our SS filter elements can be easily cleaned and reused by back-flow and ultrasonic technology.

To ensure that our stainless steel filter element can effectively remove particles, we will conduct bubble point test, burst pressure test, hydrostatic burst test, etc. Photos and videos can be taken for inspection before delivery.

12.What is Saifilter’s Sample Strategy?

You can get free samples of specific types of stainless steel filter elements you need.
All you need to do is make a sample request on the site or you can contact our direct sales representative to recommend an ideal sample for you.
The specification of Saifilter's stainless steel filter cartridge includes six ways which are:
The filter material is mainly made of stainless steel 304 or 316. The accuracy of filtration is 1um-5000um. When your machine working, you should switch the pressure from 10bar-420bar. The temperature is from -30 centigrade to +260 centigrade. The structure for you to choose is cylindrical and pleated. The end design is DOE, 222/flat, others on request.


The passage provides a brief instruction to the stainless steel filter cartridge. You can read this article according to your own needs. About what kind of filter cartridge you want to choose, this paper has made a detailed introduction to various stainless steel filter cartridges. You can compare different types of filter cartridges. According to the model of your application, select the stainless steel filter cartridge that meets the requirements. In the process of use, you should also pay attention to the use requirements, according to the instructions to use. When replacing or cleaning the stainless steel filter cartridge, strictly follow the requirements and step by step to avoid unnecessary injury.

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