Top Candle Filters Manufacturers in China (2022 Update)

Candle filters are also known as the Backwashing Tubular filter. It consists of hollow tubes with a cap on the bottom and a threaded connector on top. Typically, it is used as pharmaceutical, fuel and oil, food industry, water and fine chemistry filter. As it has a lot of applications, many companies manufacture and supply candle filters in China. In this article, a few of the top candle filters manufacturers are mentioned:


Saifilter is a reliable manufacturer and distributor of filters, filter materials and filter elements in China. Their products are designed for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, gas, water, oil and steel industries. With over 12 years of rich experience, Saifilter has the most extensive product range in the filtration industry. Also, the company’s outstanding customer support and quick response time make it a trusted brand to its customers. With any industrial filtration system, you can rely on Saifilter; their technical experts will help you with every simple to totally custom filtration system.

Manfre Filters

Manfre Filters is one of the earliest companies engaged in the manufacturing and development of industrial filtration products in China. The company was established in 2007 and recognized as a high-tech corporation in 2012. Their top products include stainless steel candle filters, sintered metal filters, and leaf disc filters. Furthermore, the company exports their filters to more than 80 countries worldwide, including the USA, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Italy, France, Turkey, and Pakistan. They use advanced Korean filtration technology to produce top-notch filters for different industries.

Chengshi Mesh and Filter Co. LTD.

Chengshi is a well-known manufacturer of polymer candle filters in China. The company has  put endless efforts to meet the quality standards of markets. Its head office is located in Hengshui city, Hebei province, China. Moreover, with its vision and innovation, Chengshi strives to achieve a top position in the market. Chengshi also deals in sealings, woven wire mesh, extruder screens, and polymer pack filters. And their filtration products are dedicated to Pet bottle recycling, fully drawn yarn, polyester oriented yarn, etc.

Hanke Filter Technology Co., Ltd

Hanke is one of the leading candle filter manufacturers in China, which was established in 2005 in Anping. It provides reliable filtration solutions and excellent technical service to consumers. Furthermore, the company is certified by ISO9001 for good quality. Their world-class products are exported into the United States, Canada, France, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Finland, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan etc. Hanke Filter is on a mission to make the environment cleaner and people healthier.

Pujiang Howay Filter Co., Ltd

Pujiang Howay Filter Co., Ltd also manufacture metal candle filters for melt polymer, gas, liquid and oil filtration in different industries in China. It was founded in 1993 and had extensive experience in filtration products manufacturing. South America, Western Europe, Eastern Asia and Southeast Asia is the main market of Howay. The company’s annual sales are over $30,000,000, with an export percentage of about 60%.

Jiangsu New Hongda Group (NHD)

Jiangsu New Hongda Group was established in Chitwan Village in June 1992. The group deals in a handsome variety of filter elements, including candle filters. It employs advanced manufacturing equipment in each step, from cutting and welding to finishing and assembling. In recent years, NHD has enhanced its international business by making long-term partnerships with Chemetics, SANDVIK and Begg Cousland. Moreover, the company has been awarded the Total Quality Control (QTC) Qualification Certification from the agriculture ministry.

Shanghai Dazhang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd

Shanghai Dazhang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is a professional producer of filtration and separation equipment. It uses modern manufacturing technologies and machines to deliver perfection. Plus, its innovative products comply with the different needs of filtration. That’s why it has earned the trust of thousands of customers at home as well as abroad. Shanghai Dazhang was founded in 2004, and since then, it has been striving to deliver quality rather than making maximum profits.

Yuzhou Yuwei Filter Equipment Co., Ltd

Yuzhou Yuwei has specialised in developing, manufacturing, and selling stainless steel filters and filter presses. Their stainless-steel filters range to include high-efficiency candle filters, sealed plate filters, cartridge filters, bag filters and so on. Whereas filter press series include automatic membrane filter press, belt filter press and plate and frame filter press. Moreover, Yuzhou Yuwei continues to create customer value by providing quality services and products.

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