The Best Application Solution for Industrial Hot Gas Filtration

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Air is the guarantee of sustain life exists, the rapid development of industrial production cause air contains a lot of harmful gases and fine suspended particulate matter and to reduce emissions of particulates in the air is very important to protect the environment, safeguarding human health, industrial hot air filtration has become the focus of attention all over the world,

Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the research and development of air filter technology. Air filter manufacturers have not missed this development opportunity. In order to meet these new emission requirements, it is necessary to carry out efficient hot gas particulate matter (PM) filtration, i.e. in the temperature range of 250 ℃ - 550 ℃, in order to protect the downstream heat exchanger and auxiliary equipment from scaling and corrosion. Many types of industrial hot air filters are produced, manufactured and applied to meet the requirements of various industries for clean air.

How To Select Industrial Air Filter Elements That Meet The Process Requirements?

According to different process requirements, it can be divided into:

  • HVAC filter elements
  • Bag-filter elements
  • High temperature steam filter elements

HVAC Filter Elements

Typical HVAC filters include fiberglass filter, polyester filter media pad and electrostatic filter. Widely used for air purification in mechanical ventilation systems, they are almost all disposable items used in a variety of industrial-grade air purifiers, including as prefilters to reduce coarse dust reaching downstream.

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Bag-Filter Elements

Bag-filter is a kind of efficient dry filter. It depends on the filter bag made of fiber filter material, more importantly, it purifies the gas through the dust layer formed on the surface of the filter bag. In all kinds of dedusting equipment, bag filter is a kind of high efficiency of dust, almost in all cases, dust efficiency can reach more than 99%. The filter mechanism of bag filter includes screening, inertial collision, interception, diffusion, electrostatic and gravity action.

Screening is one of the main dust filtering mechanisms of bag filter. When the particle size of the dust is larger than the pores between the fibers in the filter material or between the particles deposited on the filter material, the dust is intercepted. In many cases, the dust concentration of a bag filter can reach tens of milligrams per cubic meter, or even less than 0.1mg/m. Therefore, the bag filter exhaust can sometimes be returned to the workshop for recycling, saving energy and costs for heating or cooling the air supply

Of course, in the case of improper design, selection or poor management of the operation, the bag filter dust concentration will also reach a very high value. As a kind of high efficiency dust collector, bag filter is widely used in all kinds of industrial waste gas dust removal, such as light industry, machinery manufacturing, building materials, chemical industry, non-ferrous smelting and iron and steel enterprises. As the final adjustment of gas temperature, a small amount of cold air outside can be considered. What kind of flue gas cooling method should be adopted depends on specific conditions. In addition, bag filter covers a large area, filter bag replacement and maintenance is more troublesome, the working environment is also poor.

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High Temperature Hot Filter Elements

High temperature hot gas filter element is a product specially used for high temperature gas dust removal, usually used for air purification in high temperature working space. In chemical industry production, the separation of solid particles in high temperature gas is very important, high temperature heat filter element is an efficient, reliable and economical choice.

The inherently stable filter media laminate of the high temperature hot air filter element is sintered from a multi-layer stainless steel mesh, combining three different filter media (including metal nonwovens) to form a high performance filter media laminate for hot air filtration. Overcome the ceramic filter length and toughness limited shortcomings. Its impressive retention rate was previously seen only at the same level of efficiency in PTFE filter media.

Unlike ceramic cartridges, they can be used with an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the filter layer, making them reusable for many times. In addition, the good weldability provided by the material ensures a safe seal between the raw gas side and the clean gas side. Generally speaking, there is no limit on the length of the cartridge, and the outside diameter of 30-600mm is ok. Shapes also have few limitations: usually cylindrical, but in principle any other geometry is possible. Therefore, it can be easily applied to various industrial air cleaning systems.

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High Temperature Steam Filter Element Has the Durability you Absolutely Like!

Due to its mechanical robustness, inherent stability of the hot air filter element, even under the increased vibration stress from the pulsating pressure during the cleaning process, there is no risk of breakage like the ceramic filter. Compared with the filter element made of pure metal non-woven cloth or powder, the medium laminate of the hot air filter element also has the best reproducibility and longer service life.

Are you curious about the cost-effectiveness of high temperature heat filter elements?

High temperature hot air filter element medium laminate can be used in all designs of standard dust filters and can be used in existing cartridge filtration systems without modification. With only minor modifications to the fastening elements in the filter housing, it is even possible to convert existing bag filter systems based on filter blades. Therefore, the new hot gas filter medium has made a long-term contribution to improving process efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in hot gas filtration.

In a word, high temperature hot gas filter element has its own unique characteristics and advantages, is the best choice for air purification in high temperature working space, its reproducibility and long service life highlight its high cost performance ratio, really reflects the low cost and high benefit. After reading this article, do you think you know more about high temperature filter elements?

Do you want to know more about high temperature heat filter elements? Or do you have any questions about the high temperature heat filter element? Anyway, you are always welcome to consult!

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